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Monthly Mortgage Calculator – Handy Tools for Monthly Home Loan Estimations

The monthly mortgage payment is an important factor that will affect your decision when buying a home. A monthly mortgage calculator is a useful device that can help you in your financial planning.

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Monthly Mortgage Calculator - Estimate your Loan Payments Easily

A monthly mortgage calculator, quite simply, will calculate your monthly installment towards home loan repayment, using some basic details such as the mortgage amount you are expecting to obtain from a lender, the term of the mortgage (number of years) and the rate of interest that you will be paying on the loan. The monthly mortgage calculator will then work out the installment amount that you will pay every month towards the home loan. This is a simple monthly mortgage calculator, assuming that you will pay a fixed rate of interest over the term of the loan. However, with floating rate of interest (or adjustable interest rate) becoming more common on housing loans, the mortgage calculator has evolved into making these complex calculations as well. Several web sites, including those of many mortgage finance companies, offer free online calculators that will help you in arriving at your monthly installment amount.

Calculate a Mortgage Payment Before You Borrow

A home payment calculator will help you to calculate a mortgage payment quickly and accurately. This will allow you to decide the amount of loan you can afford to borrow. If you have on-going fixed obligations, such as other loans that are likely to continue even after you take a home loan, it is advisable to deduct this amount from your monthly income and then compare with the estimated monthly installment amount. This may lead you to review, and perhaps revise, the loan amount you plan to borrow. Calculate a mortgage payment and ensure that you do not fall into a debt trap, by borrowing more than you can afford.

Mortgage Calculate Tools and Applications

There are several mortgage calculate tools and applications (including iPhone apps) that are easy to use and will let you quickly evaluate housing loans. Apart from estimating monthly installments, these tools can compare different loan amounts, loan terms and interest rates. Some tools also calculate the amortization schedule for the loan. This schedule shows how much of the loan principal and interest gets paid with each installment. This will in turn help you reduce your loan term by making additional principal payments, as and when you can afford to. Use the multiple tools at your disposal and make an informed decision when you buy a home.Photo Source :

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