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Muffin Top Pan – Blueberry Muffins for Daily Breakfast

Whether you savor English or blueberry muffins dusted with cornmeal or sugar for your breakfast, muffin top pans help bake those bakery-bought muffins at home. They are ideal for those who are muffin top craze and throw away the stumps.


Muffin Top Pan - fulfilling your Breakfast Desires

Quite different from the ordinary muffin pans, muffin top pans have shallower stumps that mainly bake the top of the muffins and a little at the bottom. They are available in a variety of brands, prices, quality and sizes. There are pans with shallow cups and, with reduced bottom and stump dimensions.The muffin pans are made of stainless steel, aluminum or any non-stick material that let the muffins easily roll out once baked. A standard muffin top contains six cups, each four inch in diameter, and the large ones have 12 cups. Using the muffin top pans, the muffin bottoms are softer, and the tops are crispier and golden brown. To line the base of the muffins, muffin cups can be used.For extra crunchy muffins, fill the cups to their brims and the batter rises during the baking process, resulting in muffins protruding over the edges. This appeals to those eating only muffin tops as they have very little stumps. With sugars and nuts added to the tops while baking, they bring forth much tastier muffins.The cost of the muffin top pans starts at $10. Most pans are dishwasher safe and the non-stick versions can be easily cleaned.

Muffin Crown Pan - bake Perfect Cupcakes

Muffin crown pans come with ridges at the top that help in shaping up the muffins to a dome when the batter rises, without spreading it all over the pan. One crown muffin equals two regular muffins. They are made of durable, high quality material that does not warp inside the ovens. You can show you baking prowess using muffin crown pans, by making high rise crumbly muffins using a lightly mixed batter, still having some dry flour around to provide more texture for your muffins.

Round Cake Pans - for Beginners

Round cake pans are available in a variety of sizes depending on the volume of cakes you like to bake. They are usually individual pans or sometimes come as a set of two. They are commonly 2 to 3 inches tall and the diameter ranges from 6 to 18 inches. These pans are used to bake single layer cakes or even stacked cakes, depending upon the height of the pan. Most of these pans are made of aluminum for an even distribution of heat. For better results, buy round cake pans with a non stick coating. Glass pans are available too, along with dark metal and shiny metal pans. As the dark metal pans absorb heat easily, shiny pans are ideal for beginners to start practicing their baking skills.

Written by Lucy King

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