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Nautical Home – Create a Beach House Feel

A nautical home is one which has all the beauty of a beach-side home. You can find some inspiring ideas in home decor books that specialize in nautical themes or even ask a professional interior designer for help, in order to decorate your home in a nautical style.


Nautical Home - Bring In the Ocean

Although there aren't any guidelines that you have to follow for decorating a nautical home, anything that's related to the ocean or beach works well. For instance, you can design your rooms to resemble the interior of a ship or yacht. The main criterion to achieve a nautical theme is to keep the color scheme right. White, blue, navy, khaki and sea-green are the choices you have to paint them on your walls, floors or incorporate them into your furniture and upholstery. Prints that resemble marine life work good for bedspreads, curtains, sofa covers, etc. Nautical instruments can be used for accessorizing your home, especially nautical clocks, telescopes, miniature ships, lighthouses, or even an anchor that's used as a wall decor, a sextant or octant on one side of your living room and maybe a ship's wheel, that dominates an entire wall, surrounded by some nautical charts. But whatever you do, remember to remain subtle and not overdo anything.A nautical home relies heavily on its decor. Rope piping for cushions, ship rugs, wooden tables or deck chairs, brass lanterns or oil lamps are some great accents to add.

Nautical Bedroom - Inside the Ship's Cabin

If you've ever been inside a ship's cabin or ocean liner, you will know what components to use for a nautical bedroom. White is a dominant color that can be used, along with navy blue, green or rust red, but refrain from using too much boldness. Wallpapers in nautical themes are good options to use for your bedroom too. You can even paint a single wall in a bold shade and then adorn it with some anchors, marine-life related items, some pictures, or even false potholes to give that cool effect of being inside a ship. If you browse the internet, you can find some antique sailing equipments and maps especially that you can frame. For children's bedroom, build a bed in the shape of an yacht for a fun effect, or bunk-beds that are attached to the wall and can be folded up during the day. A good way to decorate your nautical bedroom is by using sea-life themed motifs, white and navy stripped sheets or curtains, adding a bit of red to cushions, pillows or trimmings, etc.

Nautical Bathroom - An Oceanic Shower

As dominant with nautical designs, the main component to consider while decorating a nautical bathroom is the color. Textured paints look great, giving an effect of being under-sea. You can even paint bubbles and fishes on the wall, making it look like you're looking out of an underwater window. You can also use different borders to accent the walls, depicting a lighthouse scene, etc. Another brilliant idea could be if you glue some seashells, rocks, sponges, corals, etc on a wall or use it as a mirror border. Various sea-themed bathroom sets are available today that will help you to naturally decorate your bathroom with a nautical design. You may also use your creativity and fill in some old bottles with sand, glitter, loose stones, shells and place them on the window sill or a rack on the bathroom. Paint your porcelain accessories if you want, or embroider the towels or curtains yourself with some nautical designs, fishes, etc.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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