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Navajo Weaving – Beautiful Designs from the Navajo People

The Navajo weaving consists of beautiful designs created by people from Navajo. You can come across such marvelous designs in any textile store of repute.


Navajo Weaving - Interesting Facts

The Navajo people migrated to the country of America from the Western part of Canada in 1500 AD. The Navajo weaving owes its origins to a Spider Woman who taught the ancestor’s of the Navajo people how to weave. The husband of the Spider Woman is believed to have made the loom with which the weaving is done from natural elements. Another vital fact about Navajo weaving is the extensive use of Churro Wool. This basically comprises of long and wiry fibers which spin very well on a loom. The Churro sheep are not native to America and were brought by the Navajo people when they arrived in the south western part of the country.

Navajo Rug - Exquisite Work of Labor

The Navajo tribe is very famous for their exquisite hand woven products. One of the most well known products of the tribe is the Navajo rug. The weaving process of the rugs is highly labor intensive. The sheep are first sheared after the wool is thoroughly washed and conditioned with yucca. After that, the wool is set out to dry in the sun. Thereafter, the wool is corded mixing different pieces for achieving the desired consistency and color. A Navajo rug is almost always adorned with very sacred symbols. Consequently they are revered as objects of spiritual significance. The symbols on the rugs are often responsible for the high prices at which they are sold.

Navajo Blanket - Important Information

The products made by the Navajo’s have much appeal all around the world. The Navajo blanket is a very highly coveted item in the international market for handicrafts and hand made goods because of its beautiful designs. The process of weaving these rugs is also quite complex. After shearing the sheep, the wool is combed and diet with dyes made from natural ingredients. Some of the well known natural ingredients are grape, juniper, thistle and prickly pear cactus. A Navajo blanket can also be custom made. You can choose your very own design for your blanket and get it weaved accordingly.

Written by Troy Nelson

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