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Nirvana Biography – The Short-Lived American Rock Band with a Series of Successes

The Nirvana, a famous metal band, which in spite of its brief existence on the music scene, managed to enthrall millions of people worldwide. The nirvana biography provides an interesting insight into the bands history.


Nirvana Biography - Rise to Fame

The American rock band Nirvana acquired much international acclaim within a short span of time. According to the nirvana biography, the band was formed sometime in 1987 under the initiative of Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic. The band became a prominent part of the grunge scene is Seattle during the late 1980’s. The nirvana biography states that the band developed a sound which relied upon dynamic contrasts. Very often, there were heavy choruses between loud and quiet verses. The band witnessed the demise of its musical career during the early 1990s, when vocalist Kurt Cobain committed suicide and the band came to an unexpected end.

Nirvana Albums - Hit Songs

The Nirvana is one of the most well known musical bands, which specialized in grunge and metal music. The nirvana albums have achieved much fame all over the world primarily because of their unique musical style. Nevermind ranks, is the most successful of all albums released by Nirvana. It contains the hit song Teen Spirit, which witnessed unexpected popularity following the release of its music video. In Utero is one of the nirvana albums which appeared at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. It sold 4 million copies in America alone. Nirvana entered mainstream music with this album.

Everett True - The Association

The world of music witnessed the birth of a new genre with the emergence of the Nirvana. The nirvana official biographer Everett True has very successfully analyzed the band’s grunge sound. He was among the foremost of music journalists to write about the grunge scene in Seattle. The work of Everett True provides a very thoughtful insight into Kurt Cobain’s very dramatic crash and burn music style. However, True is also quite ambivalent as he questions Kurt Cobain’s talent and also wonders openly the influence of Nirvana on rock music. His opinionated and idiosyncratic take on Nirvana has generated much controversy.

Written by Lucy King

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