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Omelette Maker – Get the Eggs Cooked the Smart Way

There are many ways to make the perfect omelette and of these an effective one is to use an omelette maker. Those with the skills for flipping can cook with a pan, while those who want their eggs prepared in minutes can use a microwave oven.


Omelette Maker - Perfect Eggs in an Instant

Busy individuals can still enjoy tasty egg dishes with the convenience of an omelette maker. Preparing eggs that are light, moist and slightly puffy require even heat and skilful flipping. An omelette maker can create the perfect breakfast dish in a matter of minutes. Unlike pan cooking that need to be closely monitored, the equipment conviently works like sandwich maker. The eggs are poured in the designated holes and ccooked while covered with the top lid. The omelette is evenly cooked because the heat is well-distributed from the non-stick base and top lid. For best results preheat the gadget before pouring the well-beaten eggs. Close the lid and allow egg to cook for six minutes. Use a spatula to transfer to the eggs to a serving plate.

Omelette Pan - Shallow with Curved Sides

Individuals who regularly cook eggs must have an omelette pan in the kitchen. Measuring about six to ten inches, with a long handle, the pan is about an inch high, with sides curve outward so that the cooked eggs can easily slip out. An omelette pan can be made of stainless steel, aluminium, copper or even iron. The experts can create fluffy egg dishes using a well-oiled pan. However amateur cooks are advised to use a non-stick pan for easy movement. It is important to use the right pan for egg dishes because the cooking process requires lots of movements. There are self-flipping pans in the market which were specially made for this purpose. These pans have movable arms that can easily flip or roll the eggs.

Microwave Omelette - Strong Milky Taste

A delicious breakfast that can be prepared in a matter of minutes is microwave omelette. A person need not be an expert cook to prepare this dish. The microwavable container that will be used for cooking has to be greased with margarine. Beat the eggs with the fork. Add milk and continue beating until the egg whites disappears. A good microwave omelette has minimal egg taste. It is important that the egg flavor is dulled by the milk. Pour the mixture in the container. Add the salt and the desired fillings like turkey meat, shredded cheese, sausage. Place in the microwave for one to two minutes. Remove carefully using a hot pad. Serve with toast.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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