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Patent Attorney Jobs – Careers in Assessing New Inventions

The main function of patent attorney is in regulatory affairs of the company related to experimental, diagnostic affairs. Intellectual patent attorney department has openings for the attorney jobs for beginners as well as experienced professionals.


Patent Attorney Jobs - Key Responsibilities and Qualifications

The main part of patent attorney jobs is patent litigation support. Other responsibilities can include reviewing as well as filing patent application forms and drafting patent applications, correspondence to office and USPTO officials, performing patentability search. The official is also responsible for evaluating third party patents, as well as, providing support to contract and licensing activities. For qualifying for patent attorney jobs, the staff should have minimum patent litigation experience in any of the engineering streams like electrical, mechanical, chemical, software, physics, optics, etc. The candidate also should have at least three years of patent prosecution experience and register at U.S patent and trademark office. Strong verbal and written communication skills also, should have a high degree of attention to details, and ability to manage assignments within the dead line.

Patent Attorney Salary - True Remuneration Facts

The average patent attorney salary comes to almost $115,000 per year. In a survey, conducted by AIPLA the pay of the patent attorney professionals is much higher when compared with other law suit jobs. The patent practitioners receive an annual income from $180,000 to $200,000 approximately. Associates employed in private firms are paid comparatively less; however, those employed in leading private firms can earn approximately to $300,000 per annum. The average patent attorney salary of associates in average firm get $125,000 during the first year, and the average salary of associates between 1 to 4 years of experience get $150,000 to 200,000 annual income. The basic annual salary of a patent attorney associate can span from $80,000 to $105,000 for the beginners.

Trainee Patent Attorney - Becoming One

In order to become a registered patent attorney trainee by USPTO, you have to get a bachelors degree in a technology sector recognized by country, and fulfill the general requirements for taking the patent bar. Degrees in biology, computer science, electronics, chemistry, pharmacology, physics, or any engineering degrees can qualify you for taking up training in patent attorney careers. You can also apply for the trainee patent attorney position even if you have a degree in other subjects as a B or C applicant. These applicants are judged on a case to case basis, and, therefore, require a longer processing time for applications. Once you qualify by passing the bar exams, and produce all the required documents to prove your skill, you qualify to become a trainee in patent attorney.

Written by Lucy King

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