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Pimples on Scalp -The Causes and Treatments

Pimples on head is an irritating and itchy health disease, which leads to hair loss, inflammation and baldness. It affects people irrespective of age. Though mild pimples on the scalp are common, immediate medical care is essential if it is severe.


Pimples on Scalp - An Irritating and Painful Health Problem

Pimples appear on scalp can be divided in to mild, moderate and severe depending on the intensity. Mostly, mild pimples go unnoticed because it is covered by hair. Pimples on scalp can be very painful and itchy. In some severe cases, it may lead to head psoriasis. Imbalance in secretion of sebum is the root cause this health condition and it can be prevented by avoiding oily foods. If you suffer pimples on scalp, you must also avoid styling products, which contains oils and some irritating ingredients. If your skin is oily, the chances of itchy scalp are very high.

Causes of Pimples - The Reasons

A variety of factors such as chemical reactions of hair dyes, conditioners, shampoos, excess secretion of sebum, etc., lead to scalp pimples. In males, it may be due to the excess production of dihydrotestosterone. It may also occur when you scratch your head. Fungal and bacterial infections are the other causes of pimples on scalp. Folliculitis, micro organisms like mites and yeast, etc., may also cause pimples. Excessive head wash is the other cause, which leads to bacterial infection. Excess sweat aggravates scalp pimples. It occurs due to wearing of athletic equipments like helmets, headbands, etc. These equipments prevent the evaporation of sweat thus lead to itchy scalp. The other causes of pimples are some medicines such as birth control tablets, epilepsy medicines, steroids, antidepressants, etc.

Cure for Pimples - Remedial Measures

Acne on the scalp can be treated in a number of ways. Thyme, Echinacea, vitamin A, B and E, Zinc, etc., are highly useful for curing pimples. Rubbing pimples and the surrounding areas with fresh garlic is also very effective. Cure for pimples also include the application of fresh papaya juice, cucumber or ripe tomato pulp, etc. You can also apply a mixture of cinnamon powder with honey for treating this health problem. You can also prevent the formation of pimples by applying a mixture of one tablespoon fresh lime juice with same quantity of ground nut oil. A mixture of lime juice with equal proportions of rose water is also effective for pimples. You can also use a paste of turmeric powder and neem leaves. Drinking wheatgrass juice is also very effective.

Written by Melanie Gray

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