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Plan Your Holiday To The Top Travel Destinations

Most of the top travel destinations are located in Europe. Asia also has a representation in the top five, courtesy China. Some very popular tourist destinations offer some rich experiences. The tropics too have their own share of excitement.


Top Travel Destinations - Experience Life

Among the top travel destinations of the world France has been a favorite with many tourists. The country has witnessed arrivals of more than 70 million tourists per year in the last few years. France and its heritage have attracted many people. Paris and the Eiffel Tower in particular has attracted many an individual. The Louvre which houses the Monalisa and many works of art during the renaissance period attract tourists. France is also popular with the fashionista. All holiday tours and travel have France on their brochures. Spain is also among the top travel destinations. It is one of the places where the essence of European culture can be found. Madrid is one of the favorite holiday spots for many travelers. The Catalan region in Spain is equally well loved by tourists. Spain is famous for its Bull Fighting and Bull racing events. Spain is a complete package which would entertain the explorer.In addition, the United States, China and Italy are equally popular and make up the top five tourist places in the world. New York, Los Angeles and California are a favorite with the tourists. New York especially draws a considerable tourist population every year. China is a popular place for tourists with Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong being a regular tourist favorite. The Chinese Festivals, the food and the temples make the country a place to visit. Italy rounds the top five tourists destinations of the world. Florence and Milan are places which are home to many famous art and fashion studios. Rome with its architectural designs from the renaissance era is a must watch for any traveler.

Popular Travel Destinations- The Next Best Thing

Some very popular travel destinations around the world are Germany, Malaysia and Turkey. Germany is one of the most popular destinations one would love to travel to. Berlin has always been a subject of interest to travelers. The Oktober Beer Fest is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Malaysia offers a perfect mixture of all the Asian countries and is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. The Kuala Lumpur Skyline at night is one of the most beautiful views one can see after dusk. Turkey is another hot spot in Europe. Istanbul with its wonderful architecture and music make it one of the prime tourist attractions. The Famous Bridge and the Bosphorus has been a favorite with many tourists.

Best Tropical Vacation Spots- Make it Hot

There are many tropical places one can choose from. The best tropical vacation spots are the Caribbean Region, the African Safari and Bali. The Caribbean offers a rewarding experience for those who want to experience the life, music and Culture. Africa is one of the most popular destinations with Kenya being at the forefront of Tropical tourism. Mombasa offers tourists one of the most wonderful experiences they can get. A trip to Mombasa must include the famous African Safari. Kenya offers a chance to explore the beauty of the African wildlife. Bali is another very famous recreational spot for many tourists. Bali with its night clubs, scenic beauty and host of temples makes it one of the best tropical vacation spots one can dream of.Photo Source :

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