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Portrait Photography Tips – Giving Prominence to Personality and Facial Expressions

Portrait photography means taking a likeness of a person in which the face and expressions are predominant. A portrait emphasizes the person, the personality and mood of the subject.


Portrait Photography Tips - How to Take Great Portrait Photographs

A portrait photograph should communicate something interesting or attractive about the subject. There are certain portrait photography tips which can help you take great photos. It is important to be physically close to the subject. If the photo is taken from too far away, the subject might be too small to have any impact. If you want to take portraits of people who are not known to you, do not be shy to approach them for a photo. Most people are happy to get their picture taken, if asked in the right way. The setting in which the picture is taken is also important as it helps the viewer to understand the subject better. One of the most important portrait photography tips is to study and understand human nature to know how people typically react in given situations so that you are ready to capture the moment when it occurs.

Portrait Photography Lighting - Light Settings to Enhance Photos

The main purpose of portrait photography lighting is to give shape and convey information about the subject. The lighting setups are based on the placement of the main light, relative to the subject and camera. The "Three-point lighting" requires three to four lights to bring out the details of the subject's features. Another common portrait photography lighting plan is "Butterfly lighting" where only two lights are used. The main light is placed in front of the subject and the second light is put behind the subject. Generally, a reflector is utilized to provide fill light and soften shadows on the subject’s face.

Outdoor Portrait Photography - Create Beautiful Photos

In outdoor portrait photography photographers take photographs out in the nature rather than in their studios. While taking photos focus on the eyes of the subject. Using fast lens helps in getting the detail of the eyes and does not accentuate skin imperfections like lines and wrinkles. In outdoor portrait photography avoid using bright and busy backgrounds which take the attention away from the subject. Keeping the background out of focus can give your photos a professional look.Photo Source : flickr.com/stevenfernandez/

Written by Katherine Murphy

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