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Potato Storage – Canning and Freezing Them for Long Term Use

Potato crops have to be stored well after they have been uprooted from their natural environment. Potatoes can be preserved by freezing them or canning them. Proper precautions help you store the potatoes for longer periods of time without chances of decay.


Potato Storage - Methods of Storing Potatoes

Potatoes need to be stored properly if they are meant to be used over a long period of time. Some of the common methods of potato storage are keeping them in a cold storage or putting them inside a can. If the potatoes are kept inside a cold storage, then the temperature should be kept at a level which is appropriate. If the temperature is too low, then the potatoes could be damaged. If the potato storage method is canning, then the potatoes first have to be washed and peeled. Thereafter, they have to be cut into pieces and placed inside a canning jar containing boiling water, with a pinch of salt. After this the can has to be put in a canner containing warm water for one hour.

Freezing potatoes - Useful Storage Method

There are various effective methods by which potatoes can be preserved for long term use. For freezing potatoes, you first have to store mature potatoes at a room temperature for about a month or so. Then you have to peel and cut these mature potatoes into small pieces and simmer them in water that is lightly salted. Once the potatoes have become tender, you will have to drain them well and cook them in a non stick cooking pan. Then you have to place this pan inside a freezer and leave it there until the potatoes have become solidly frozen. After this you can transfer the freezing potatoes to containers or freezer bags.

Canned Potatoes - Delicious and Long Lasting

Potatoes are vegetables which are easy to grow and also quite easy to store. Canned potatoes last for quite a long time. For canning potatoes, you first have to peel, wash and drain around three pounds of potatoes. Then you have to cut the potatoes which are large into quarts, place them in a pan of boiling water and boil for ten minutes. After this, you have to put these potatoes inside canning jars that are quart sized. Add half a spoon of salt to the jars, place warm or boiling water inside them and tighten the lids. Then put the jars in a pressure canner for forty minutes. Canned potatoes are known to taste quite good.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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