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Pottery Courses – Learning to Master the Art

The techniques of skillfully creating fabulous and intriguing potteries are taught in pottery courses. Students can specialize in traditional period pottery styles as well as learn pottery features of particular regions. Courses teach methods of creating designer glass ware, figurines, crockery and decorative pieces.


Pottery Courses - Best Colleges

If you scour the net to find pottery courses, you will be deluged with the results. Although institutes and colleges have mushroomed over the years many may not boast a great ceramic department. Few colleges which excel in this regard are Albion College, Angelo state university, Alfred University, Arizona State University and Anne Arundel Community College. In these premier colleges entrance competitions for pottery courses are tough but the faculty members and the apparatus provide great support to students. While selecting an university you must go through the curriculum and find out if you will be provided with your own studio space and the whether the college has all the latest molding, sculpting and ceramic instruments. Colleges which send their graduates to various competitions and exhibitions and are found to win on a frequently are favorites

Pottery Lessons - Typical Lessons

Lessons related to pottery are both theoretical and practical. The theoretical pottery lessons help students identify good clays which are used to make sturdy art pieces. Students are also taught about different techniques and tools through slide shows and presentations. Practical sessions under close supervision happen afterwards when the students are motivated to create molds and apply the techniques to create simple pinch pots, bowls or coil pots. Creating complicated clay wares, application of glazes and underglazes, creating various surface textures, applying colors with perfection are taught through various sessions at a later stage. Through pottery lessons pupils get acquainted with different types of tools that are used to embellish the artwork and various types of kilns.

Pottery Techniques - Different Methods

In premier institutes students are taught several different types of pottery techniques. Methods of sculpting figurines and making intriguing clay artifacts like kitchen ware or simple decorative pieces are taught first. Students learn about decorative techniques like wheel chattering, wax dipping, sculpting, making ornate handles, using color combinations and types of glazes etc. Most universities keep their labs open 24 hours a day so that students can utilize their spare time sharpening their technical skills. They are given access to sprawling studio floors and allotted shelves where they can showcase their artwork. Often universities invite art magazines to showcase these amazing creations so that the pupils get noticed by experts from the art world.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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