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Pottery Supplies – Tools for the Ceramicwares

Pottery is an old art form. Owing to the increasing popularity of pottery, nowadays, one can find different pottery supplies and kits for doing the work in a better way. With the selection of right pottery tool, one can make great clay items without much effort.

Pottery Supplies - Basics of the Craft

Pottery is an age old craft which requires the practitioners to have patience and creativity to excel. Pottery making is said to have therapeutic effects on many individuals owing to its calming nature. If you want to start pottery programs for institutions and groups you will have to get the required pottery supplies first. After arranging the logistics of the program you can invest in the studio. The basic in the pottery making craft is clay. It is what the pots and utensils are made of. There are various types of clay and you need to get the right one for the products you want to make. For novices stepping into this craft polymer clays would be the right choice. After the selection of the clay type you need to get other required pottery supplies.

Pottery Tools - Things You Will Need

For getting into the craft of pottery making you may do without the Potter’s wheel. However, other basic pottery tools like rolling pins, molds will be required. Depending on the clay variant you may or may not need a kiln. For heating the clay a counter top toaster oven or conventional oven would be required. If you are on a tight budget using self-hardening clays is recommended. However, irrespective of the pottery tools you use, remember that the best tools a potter can use are his hands and eye. The veteran potters make use of much other stuff including knives and sponges for giving the touches of finery to their craft. If you are unsure about what pottery kits you will need, refer to the web. There is a number of online pottery making tutorials available in the web. They offer step by step audio visual guide. You can download these and try your hand at pottery making.

Pottery Equipment - Necessary Things

There are various types of equipments used by the experienced and new potters. The Potter's needles is a must have pottery equipment. It can be used by the potter for shaping various types of pots and containers. The cut-off wire is widely used equipment in this craft. It is useful for cutting big clay mounds. The veteran potters use sponge to wet the clay while it is being shaped in case it starts drying before the desired time. Sponge also absorbs extra water that may get accumulated at the pot’s lower end. For decorating the clay pots brushes of various shapes are also used by the potters. For wiping hands the potters also use a towel. The sheer number of tools used by experienced potters can easily baffle a newbie in the craft. He can start with the core tools and start using the others as he gains expertise in the craft.

Written by Lucy King

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