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Protein Shake Diet – Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Protein shake is very good for reducing weight and it is also beneficial for overall health. It is an ideal substitute for regular meals and it supplies energy and nutrients to the body.


Protein Shake Diet - Highly Beneficial for Health

Protein diet shake consists of carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, etc. Fat content in this diet is nil or very less. You can consume protein shake diet between meals and thus you can reduce the intake of regular meals. Milk solids, casein, albumin, soy and whey are rich in protein contents and protein shake can be made by using any of these products. Each product has unique qualities and functions. However, whey protein is coming with high quality protein. If you want to control your food intake, protein shake diet is the easiest and cheapest way. Your body absorbs it directly because it contains individual amino acids.

Best Protein Shakes - Select the Ideal One

You should evaluate your goal before selecting a protein shake. Your objective may be either for reducing weight or building muscles or for both. If your objective is to reduce fat, your best protein shakes must contain high protein level, low calories, fat and carbohydrate. If muscle building is your objective, you can select one, which is high in carbohydrate, calories, moderate protein and low fat. Checking quality of protein is also very important. Whey protein is digested very rapidly so the chance of hepatic amino acid oxidation is very high. So overuse of whey protein may lead to liver problems and amino acid imbalance. The ingredients in best protein shakes are minerals, vitamins, taurine, glutamine, creatine, etc.

Protein Shakes for Women - Special Needs

Needs of women are different and they face problems such as mood fluctuations, hair splits, nail brake, decay of bone’s density, etc. Therefore, protein shakes for women must solve all these problems. It should also be free from sugar, which increases calorie intake. You can use protein shakes by mixing it with milk or water. Protein shake for women can be used for losing weight, gaining weight, building muscles, regaining energy after excessive exercises, etc. However, overuse of such shakes is not good for health because of the risks of many complex health problems such as cause diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. Absence or low level of fibre may lead to colon cancer, bowel disorders, constipation, etc.

Written by Troy Nelson

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