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Rachael Ray Biography – Life and Times of the Multifaceted Personality

Rachael Ray is a full-of-life personality, who has turned her love for food into an exciting career. She has her own varied television shows and has also launched a non-profit organization that fights against hunger.


Rachael Ray Biography - Growing up in the Kitchen

Cooking is in her blood, according to Rachael Ray biography. Her Italian mother Elsa Scuderi and American father James Ray were part of the 4 family owned restaurants in Cape Cod Massachusetts. This is where Rachael Ray grew up after her birth on 25th August 1968, in Glen Falls, New York. Rachael's love for cooking was inevitable since everyone in the family cooked including her grandfathers. She burnt her fingers cooking for the first time when she was just 4 years old. By the time she was eight, Rachael Ray biography states that she and her family moved to New York. Her first job had Rachael manning the candy counter at Macy's. She accomplished many tasks in her career including helping open a market, manage a pub, become a buyer for a gourmet market and eventually host her own television spot showcasing the making of meals in 30 minutes.

Rachael Ray Divorce - Gossip or Reality

The visual media helped to get Rachael in front of a television audience so that the world could learn how to make a simple meal in 30 minutes. She started her own self-titled show by signing a deal with Oprah Winfrey and King World Productions in 2005. In the same year she got married to John Cusimano. Her public profile kept on rising and possible Rachael Ray divorce rumors starting hitting this enthusiastic personality hard around 2007. Some tabloids claimed her husband was having an affair while others said she was hunting for a new apartment. But her answer to all the gossip was a resounding no. In every public appearance she made she categorically stated that Rachael Raydivorce rumors were not real and that their marriage as strong as ever.

Everyday with Rachael Ray - Rising Popularity

Along with her share of television shows, cookbooks and charity work on Yum-O, a nonprofit organization launched by Rachael, she started the magazine 'Everyday with Rachael Ray' in 2006. This reasonably priced magazine was specifically made for the busy woman of today's world who wanted to get a meal ready in 30 minutes flat. Other popular columns in her issues included the different ways to plan a party, menu planner on a strict budget, fun thoughts and a mixture of ideas on the various ways to have fun even while working on getting great cuisine done. Her website offers many surprise deals and a chance to get the magazine at a subsidized rate.

Written by Lucy King

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