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Receptionist Duties – Working Towards Hundred Percent Customer Satisfaction

Most receptionist duties are all about providing a great first impression towards its visitors on behalf of the organization. Being front liners, the job of receptionists is both basic and integral to the business.

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Receptionist Duties - The Challenges of Being in the Front Lines

The receptionist position primarily entails office support and administration. Receptionist duties are usually performed at the front desk of an organization’s office where most of the time, the receptionists will become the initial contacts of clients and visitors. So it is important that they practice the finest customer service, one that informs the standards of the company that they are working for. Although receptionist duties are quite basic, their turf obliges them to practice the principles of public relations, customer service and office management. These duties are traditionally clerical like sorting mail, answering phone calls, arranging appointments and entertaining visitors’ inquiries or leading them to the proper company staff. There are some organizations that even have their reception staff double as security guards, since they are in the best position to monitor the coming and going of people at the office.

Receptionist Work - How Technology Advancements Expanded Its Scope

Because of advancements in technology, receptionist work has also increased in the workplace. Nowadays, receptionist work necessitates computer knowledge especially in various office software systems. While being attentive for those phone calls and visitor inquiries, receptionists are now expected to also perform other duties like encoding data into the database, entering spreadsheet formulas and merging mailing documents. To achieve more productivity some companies even have the reception staff assist with payroll, receivables collection and other bookkeeping activities. It is therefore vital that receptionists are able to do multiple tasks quickly but effectively. The receptionist is indeed a valuable member of the organization, one that is ready for more career challenges that the future has in store.

Receptionist Responsibilities - Professionalism and Grace Under Pressure

It is a job similar to a secretary only prominently stationed in the front lines of the office. Receptionist responsibilities entail the right qualities and skills such as the ability to multi-task, confidence, organization and calmness under pressure considering it is a job that caters not just to clients but the whole organization as well. One of the most important parts of receptionist work is answering phone calls where proper telephone etiquette must be practiced at all times. Answering questions and receiving messages must be done with utmost politeness and professionalism. In times when the voice on the other line becomes irate, one should resolve any problems as calmly as possible.

Written by Simon Harris

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