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Reflexology Charts – Guiding You Through Massaging the Right Points

One among the many types of alternative medicine is zone therapy, better known as reflexology. Reflexology charts are used in targeting pressure points in the body, without any form of lubricant.


Reflexology Charts - Discover their Specialized Use

In reflexology, specialized charts are used to guide its practitioners. Reflexology charts are used in various parts of the body such as hands, feet and ears, with the use of either fingers, thumbs, and specialized hand techniques. Reflexologists believe that by pressing on specific points in the body, it can stimulate either a gland, or an organ. Reflexology charts guide practitioners to correctly pinpoint areas which they need to stimulate in order to bring positive changes in the body, without using creams, lotions, or oils. The whole concept of reflexology is to release an invisible life force known as “Qi”, to relieve any kind of stress or pain with the use of stimulating movements in the feet.

Foot Reflexology Chart - How it is Utilized

The use of reflexology is favourable to those seeking a natural therapy against stress and illnesses. Foot reflexology charts are used to guide the practitioners in stimulating specific organs in the body, in order to improve cardiovascular circulation, and a total feeling of wellbeing. Looking at a foot chart will be overwhelming for a beginner. However with enough practice, one can see the similarities between the chart, and the shapes of the human organs. During therapeutic sessions, reflexologists use foot reflexology charts as a map to identify the areas which need stimulating; they do this with a light massage to give comfort to their clients, and to promote deeper relaxation

Hand Reflexology Chart - the Basics

Reflexology may also be applied to the hands, using similar methods on massaging pressure points. A hand reflexology chart has labels on the areas and the organs which they will stimulate. Reflexologists often use gloves with colored prints which their clients can put on. These charts, which may be worn, give clients a better view and understanding on what practitioners are doing for them. For those who wish to self-practice, using these hand charts are an easier alternative which could have the same effects as foot reflexology techniques. Using a reflexology chart has benefits especially in self-practice, as it will also stimulate specific reflex points, and promote relaxation. Application of pressure at these points will eventually improve circulation to heal its organs.

Written by Melanie Gray

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  1. GuruofReflexology said
    It is really good to see that a reflexology chart of the feet is shown in the above website. I think one must lay emphasis on the hand charts also where a lot of information is provided about the reflex points.
    This information can be found on a website where both reflex points of hand and feet are shown.

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