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Remedies for Dandruff – Getting Rid for the Dead Skin on the Scalp

Dandruff is one of the most common dermatological problems experienced by men and women. It is caused due to dead skin formation on the scalp and needs proper care for treatment.

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Remedies for Dandruff - Natural and Home Remedies

The general cause of dandruff is the coming out of the shiny scales of the scalp which then gather at the bottom of the hair. However, there are some natural remedies that can really help in getting rid of dandruff. One of the best natural remedies for dandruff is the fenugreek seeds. Soak two tablespoons of this seed in water and leave it overnight. Next morning grind the seeds to a fine paste and apply all over the scalp before letting it dry for an hour. Finally, wash the hair thoroughly with shikakai or soap nut. One of the popular and effective home remedies for dandruff is lime. You can add a teaspoon of lime juice while washing your hair to get rid of the dandruff. It also improves the look and shine of your hair. Other natural remedies for dandruff include beet extracts, green gram powder, snake gourd extracts etc.

Best Dandruff Shampoo - Some Options You Can Try

There are several shampoos available in the market and they claim to be very effective against dandruff. Some of the brands that manufacture shampoos specifically to combat dandruff are Head and Shoulders Intensive Treatment, Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo and Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo. To make the fight against dandruff more effective, you have to choose the shampoo according to your conditions. To know which is the best dandruff shampoo for you, check out the reviews written by the users. Ensure that the shampoo cures the inflammation and irritation on your scalp. Remember, it is important that the best dandruff shampoo fights all the symptoms of dandruff. When selecting anti-dandruff shampoo, select the ones with selenium sulfide. If it does not work on your scalp, you can go for the ones with pyritione zinc.

Oil for Dandruff - Chose the Right One

Oil can be very effective in getting rid of dandruff. This seems to be more effective if the dandruff is caused by dry scalp. In such cases, one can use the Jojoba Oil, Emu Oil and the Moroccan Oil that can be very effective. There are some other oils that can successfully fight the problems caused by dandruff as well. For instance, olive oil is considered one of the most effective oil for dandruff. It brings in the necessary moisture to the scalp and thereby reduces the dandruff. Tea tree oil is another option you have to fight the dandruff problems. These oils are now included in many shampoos that claim to fight and cure dandruff.

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  1. Danny said
    Hi thanks for your informative article on dandruff. I’ve had bad dandruff for years. I’ve tried changing my diet and altering my stress levels. Apparently these two factors are pretty important. My dandruff was reduced a little bit, but not enough. Other dandruff causes included having a dry scalp or an excessively oily scalp. These two factors can also be altered slightly when changing your diet and stress.

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