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Research Associate Jobs – For Those Interested in Case Studies

Research associates are primarily responsible for gathering, examining and analyzing the data for the research head. Much of the jobs of research associates revolve around knowing how and when to do what.


Research Associate Jobs - Key Roles in the Industry

Depending upon the research associate’s skill levels, he may have different roles in the research team. As a novice, he may have to develop surveys and questioners for the research team. He may also have to do the legwork associated with formulating these tests. Research on similar competitive products, media exposure, potential buyers, demographics, etc may have to be analyzed by the associate having an average experience level. Research associate jobs also include other duties like conducting surveys, interviews, different tests, telephone poll, etc. After the completion of the research, he is responsible for gathering the results and collating and organizing them. Research associate jobs also include duties like training the staff for performing various tests. As he gains more experience, he is required to clarify research problems and propose solutions and visit meetings on behalf of his research faculty.

Research Associate salary - A Neat Overview

The average earnings of a research associate predominantly depend upon a number of factors. Factors like education, experience, research associate responsibilities, average size and reputation of the firm he is working, and location of the agency, altogether decide the research associate salary. On an average, earnings of the associates can range from $40,000 to approximately $90,000 or more. Research associates working in agencies may also have personal benefit plans in order to boost the salary. Research associate salary for a beginner can be around $73,503 per annum, while, the senior research associate salary is around $90,379 per annum. Research associates in the second cadre can earn around $73,562 per annum.

Senior Research associate - Job Duties and Importance

A senior research associate will function as a part of the research team and will engage in all aspects of the research and analysis. They provide oversight of various researches and will collaborate with other technical staffs. An over view of their activities include collecting, organizing, analyzing data, contract research and evaluation proposals, manage projects, also establish new business funding. Their main function is the complete business development, managing projects by participating in leading research teams, and organizing information. The minimum qualification is PhD or expertise in qualitative and quantitative analysis. Other skills like interpersonal oral and written communication, excellent expertise in data processing, project management skills, strong reporting skills are keenly sought after by the research head.

Written by Melanie Gray

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