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Retro Art – A Popular Representation of the Pop Culture

Retro Art refers to the advertising art work during the eras 1940s and 1950s. Due to the basic printing methods most of these artworks were produced in single color but rich in style that was all its own.


Retro Art - Celebrating the Eras of Simple and Uncomplicated Art

The style behind retro art was born out of what was available during the old eras. Although lacking in technology, creativity was thriving as professional illustrators found a way to produce beautiful artwork despite the limited resources of the times. Retro art also evolved from the engraved artwork of the 1800s where artist meticulously gave so much effort in the drawing and shading. This style is seen in old west artworks, the Victorian era. By the turn of the century, the Art Nouveau revolution where art was simplified was unwelcome in the art world. However, it was quickly complemented by more simple art works by the Russian Constructivism paving the way to the twenties’ Art Deco movement. These influences were carried over into the field of commercial art, that by 1930, illustrators unanimously decided to do away with the complicated and embrace the newest fashion in illustration which involved no line shading whatsoever.

Retro Prints - When Old and Contemporary Art Methods Combine

Today, retro prints have gained the same popularity and recognition that were given to Art Deco and Art Nouveau of olden times. They have become so popular because with so much more and complicated choices in terms of computer graphics, artists tend to always yearn and come back to the basic and simpler ways to achieve their art. In fact, in terms of depth and dimension, this method can be more efficient compared to the most intricate techniques in 3D modeling. Retro prints with contemporary layouts are revolutionary in themselves. It is holding on to the past for an era so obsessed on forging ahead to the future.

Retro Clip Art - The Method Behind the Revolutionary Art Work

What is so interesting about also retro clip art also known as retro clipart is its uniqueness that distinguishes the eras that it comes from and the art revolution that it evokes. With a funny subject matter and the era’s notable fashion, the artists come up with monotone art that never fails to captivate the audience. What is seen is a revolution in art that reflects a determination to embrace modern ways of drawing. History can even attest that by artists thoroughly practiced the retro clip art until they perfected it. By 1940, the masters were able to divide any image into regions black and white.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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