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Robert Frost Biography – the American Poet who Colloquially Portrayed the Country Life

For depicting the realities of rural life, there was none who could match wits with Robert Frost, the American poet from New England, who is famous for his often-quoted excerpt, “and miles to go before I sleep”. The legendary poet was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California.


Robert Frost Biography - the Life that Poetically Cited the Rural Life

Following the death of William Prescott Frost Jr., Robert Frost’s father, he was brought up in Massachusetts by his mother Isabelle Moodie, also supported by his paternal grandfather, William Prescott Frost Sr. He graduated from the Lawrence High School, and his first poem was published when he was in high school. After two months in Dartmouth College, Frost returned home and took up petty jobs delivering newspapers, working in a factory, and helping his mother in teaching. He later attended Liberal Arts studies at Harvard University for two years.In 1894, Robert Frost published his first poem, “My Butterfly”, which was a lament that was sold for $15. He got married, and worked at a farm purchased by his grandfather, where his early morning compositions became famous poesies that are honored and favored by many. By 1912, Frost and family moved to Great Britain and settled in Beaconsfield, where his first book of poetry, “A Boy’s Will” was published. He dedicated the rest of his life lecturing, teaching, writing, and composing poems. Robert Frost biography depicts him having had a depressed and sorrowful life, with many of his family members dying from serious illnesses. The poet was married to Elinor Miriam White, and had six children.

Robert Frost Poems - Citations of Undertone Depressions

Though not brought up at the countryside, Robert Frost was well associated with the rural life, for his indulgences in farming at his grandfather’s farm house, and living in his own farm in New Hampshire. In addition, his association with the rural landscape was prominent while he was in the New England area of Massachusetts. Robert Frost poems colloquially depict the beauty of the picturesque landscapes, and many of these poems are internationally acclaimed and included in the school and college curriculum. The number of Robert Frost poems is irrelevant here, as majority of the poesies could leave an impression on the readers' hearts. His original manuscript poems are preserved in Jones Library in Amherst, Massachusetts. A few of his famous poems include, “The road not taken”, “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening”, “Mending wall”, “Dedication”, “After apple picking”, “Fire and ice”, and “Nothing gold can stay”.

Robert Frost Quotes - Excerpts from his Works

The quotations of Robert Frost are excerpts from his poems, poesies, plays, and proses. With his poems, Frost set examples for meiosis, and its citations could be found in his poem Fire and ice. Perhaps, the quote, "But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep” is the most famous of all, as it is popular throughout the globe, and Robert Frost is unarguably made known through this verse. The verse talks about the purpose of one’s life, and fulfilling it before he or she dies. The quote, "Good fences make good neighbors", is an excerpt from his poem, “Mending wall”. "For thought has a pair of dauntless wings", "The artist in me cries out for design", "And of course there must be something wrong, In wanting to silence any song” are a few other impressive Robert Frost quotes.No one could accommodate the vacant niche created by Robert Frost in the world of poetry. He died in his Boston home on January 29, 1963.Photo Source :

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