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Rockabilly Style – Upbeat Fashion for the Trendsetters

Rockabilly music emerged during the early 1950s. It is an early variation of rock and roll music, and mainly a blend of rock and country music. Rockabilly fashion is influenced from this genre of music and refers to the style adapted by fans of rockabilly music.


Rockabilly Style - Bohemian, Perky and Dramatic

Vintage fashion has been all the rage lately, bringing the rockabilly Style back in vogue. Music greats like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, James Dean, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash were the stalwarts of this fashion trend. Bettie Page was the trendsetter during this time. Rockabilly style can be both; demure and dramatic. Most of the patterns and prints in clothing are perky as well as offbeat; such as cherry prints, polka dots, leopard prints, large roses, floral patterns, plaid and gingham. Some popular rockabilly colors are red, pink, navy, black, white and bright yellow tones. Make up is striking with porcelain skin, bright red or orange lipstick, and cat-eye’s. The jewelry is flamboyant and bohemian. All necklaces, charm bracelets, chokers, bangles, brooches worn are chunky and bold with embellishments like hearts, winged hearts, cup cakes, pompoms, cherries, starburst rings, ice creams cones etc.

Rockabilly Clothes - Well Fitted and Chic

Dresses nipped at the waist, accentuating feminine curves are an integral part of rockabilly clothes for women. Any fashionista would advise to wear sailor dresses in navy, white or black. Halter dress in polka dots is another tasteful rockabilly dress. Fitting a line skirts, pencil skirts are a hot trend. Cigarette pants, skinny trousers and capri length trousers are a good pick. Other clothes for women are rompers, cardigans, sweaters with faux fur, vintage bowling shirts, circle or poodle skirts. Women should wear pumps, saddle shoes, and mary janes. Rockabilly clothes for men are usually well fitted skinnies and motorcycle jackets. They can also sport fitted checked shirts, flannel bowling shirts, thin fitting t-shirts, dungarees and slim fit suits. Cowboy hats, beanie, newsboy caps, thick chunky boots, oxfords and are good choices for accessories.

Rockabilly Hair - Tousled Layers

Rockabilly hair is layered and long. Perms, curls, blunt cuts with bangs falling on the forehead and pony tails are popular hairstyles for women. Tying a kerchief around the head to hold the tresses backwards is a good idea. Men should grease hair with creams, gels, serums or beeswax and wear it slicked back. Other coiffures greased pompadours, crew cuts and bandanas also.

Written by Lucy King

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