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Room Color Schemes – Brilliant Ideas to Liven Up Your Rooms

Paint colors for rooms should be chosen after considering usage and several other characteristics. Both warm and cool hues can be used and effects like contrasting colors, accents, and shading can really jazz up interiors.


Room Color Schemes - Warm and Cool Tones

There are many factors to consider before choosing room color schemes for any room such as its size, utility, type of furniture it contains, style of doors and windows, the scenery outside and additionally the type of room that is being painted is also important like bedroom, hall, or kitchen and colors used should complement the adjoining spaces in its vicinity like hallways and stairways. There are both warm and cool shades, each suiting different types of rooms; some warm colors are orange, yellow and red while cool ones are blue and green. Spaces that are compact or have limited lighting should be painted in the light and luminous warm shades while spacious rooms should have cool tints, which also create a soothing ambience. Bold room color schemes look best in rooms where one doesn’t have to spend too much time like kitchens and dining with subtle hues better suited for other rooms.

Room Color Ideas - Pick Wisely

While painting rooms, many tactics can be used to liven up the interiors. The use of contrasting hues on different or alternate walls is amongst the most popular room color ideas and one can also paint the ceiling in a color that is different and stands out against the walls. Contrasting accents that blend with the basic shades on the wall are great and some excellent combinations for this plan of action are pink and brown, orange and brown, white and gray, sky blue and gray, green and light yellow, etc. Shading, textures and sheens are room color ideas that add interest, especially when a monochromatic color scheme is used.

Room Paint Color

It is important to pick colors that are in sync with the nature and utility of rooms like kitchens should have warm colors while more harmonious hues should be chosen for bedrooms and neutrals are best for living rooms. Room paint colors for kitchen are orange, red, and rust whereas light tints of blues and greens are good for bedrooms; white, ivory, cream, tan, taupe, and gray are perfect for halls and living rooms while dining rooms can be either copper or green. In the compact bathrooms use light hues like yellow and white or cool ones like blue and green. Also, keep in mind users of the rooms before painting it like pink and lavender are apt for a girl’s room whilst black or blue look better in boy’s rooms.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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