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Rosa Parks Biography – Life of An African American Civil Rights Activist

Rosa Parks, the Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement, is an African American Civil Rights Activist, who actively fought for the racial equality in the US. In honor of her contributions, she received many honors, including the Presidential award for freedom in 1996, from President Bill Clinton.


Rosa Parks Biography - a Short Insight

Rosa Parks was born as Rosa Louis McCauley on February 4, 1913 in Alabama. Rosa grew  up in the middle of segregation between the blacks and the whites based on the harsh Jim Crow laws, and underwent many color oriented discrimination everywhere she went. Her father James McCauley was a carpenter and Mother Leona Edwards was a teacher. She attended rural schools and enrolled in the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls when she was eleven.Rosa married NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) worker, Raymond Parks in 1932. She actively participated in the Civil rights movements and joined NAACP, and was later elected secretary to the President of NAACP. She was a woman of extraordinary courage and stood for what was right. She received many honors, late in her lifetime, credited for her contributions in obtaining equal rights for the African Americans.

Rosa Parks Bus - Boycott of a Race

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks was riding in the no 2857 bus. While she was seated in a seat reserved for the blacks, she was asked to give her seat to a white, as the seats allocated for the whites were full. Parks refused to give up her seat and was arrested on behalf of this. Following this, a mass bus boycott started on December 5, 1955, which was Parks’ trial day, where many blacks stopped taking buses and walked or took cabs operated by blacks. The boycott lasted for 381 days, severely impacting bus companies’ finances, forcing the government to lift the law demanding segregation. Despite mass attack at blacks and their homes, including the bombing of Martin Luther King’s home, the boycott movement was a big success. The no 2857 bus is now called Rosa Parks bus, is an exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. The historial Rosa Parks bus is a TDH3610 transit bus by General Motors.

Rosa Parks Timeline - creating History

The following Rosa Parks timeline showcases the remarkable years in Rosa Parks’ life, which radically changed the outlook and treatment of African American people within the US.1943: Rosa joins NAACP.1943: Forced to get off the bus for sitting in a seat reserved for whites.1955: Rosa Parks was arrested on refusing to give up her seat for a white. Montgomery Bus Boycott begins.1956: Segregation law was lifted. End of Montgomery Bus Boycott.1964: Civil Rights Law was passed.1965: Was hired to work under US Representative John Conyers.1979-1992: Received awards and honors. Founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Foundation in 1982, and published her autobiography Rosa Parks: My Story in 1992.2005: Rosa Parks died on October 24, 2005.

Written by Dennis Patterson

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