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Ruby Bridges Biography – The Brave African-American Woman who Fought for Civil Rights

The 1950’s and 60’s were fraught with tension due to civil rights inequalities in the U.S. It was at this time that Ruby Bridges was born and a civil rights leader was made.

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Ruby Bridges Biography - Birth of a Civil Rights Leader

Ruby Bridges was born on September 8, 1954 at Tylertown, Mississippi. At this time, blacks and whites had different drinking fountains, restrooms and other basic amenities. In the Ruby Bridges biography, she started her education at the William Frantz School in New Orleans, Louisiana. She went to an all-white school because her mom believed it offered a better education. When she attended school, she had to be escorted by U.S. Marshals to protect her from the anger of white kids as well as the protests of their parents. According to the Ruby Bridges biography, she sought a child psychiatrist who was interested in how she handled the pressure of discrimination at such a tender age.

Ruby Bridges Timeline - The Makings of an Activist

At such a young age, Ruby learned more than the alphabet; she learned to pray for protection. With the problems that arose because of her attendance at an all-white school, her father was dismissed from his job and her grandparents were turned away from the land that they worked on. The Ruby Bridges timeline also includes the painting of “The Problem We All Live With” by Norman Rockwell, which depicts her daily journey to school. In 1993, her brother, Milton, was murdered in the streets of New Orleans. During that time, she volunteered as a parent-liaison at her elementary school and wrote stories about her volunteer work. Her psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Coles, published “The Story of Ruby Bridges” in 1995 and she reunited with her former teacher, Mrs. Barbara Henry, a year after. From 1999 to 2007, the Ruby Bridges timeline shows how she has used her life in promoting differences among peoples.

Ruby Bridges Movie - What She Taught

Among the many ways which honored the bravery of Ruby was through a film. The Ruby Bridges movie was directed by a black female and the lead role was played by Chaz Monet. It depicted her life as a six-year-old who became the first lone black student at an all-white elementary school. Through this film, it showed the experiences and struggles of the civil rights movement in the U.S. It also educated people on the ills of racism and the power of education. The movie is also a good educational tool in teaching children about God. It was nominated for several awards and even won some of them.

Written by Lucy King

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  1. selora collins said
    hi ppl i like this article
  2. tiara jones said
    im ruby briges for a porget
  3. Darla Henry said
    I thank you and your parents for hayving the "Strength and Courage " when so many were harassed, humiliated, tormented and persecuted .........any d for what? ......Because of the ("RICH..., DARK..but Sweet , HUE in our pigment") ......Also, being a child born in the early 60's I also carry scar's! But still I RISE!!! ...And It's my duty as It was your's to educate, starting with my children and theirs and so on. Don't get comfortable..... The struggle continue's.....Reach one , Teach one!!!
  4. sira said
    My feedback to this article is good. I love everything about Ruby Bridges. Its a sad story to hear but at least it was good enough to make black people happy and not feel bad. To make white people realize that racism was not a good thing to black people. Now you white people out there still doing racism to other black people need to STOP!!!! Just imagine your foot in our black people's shoes. How would you white people feel if the pain you are giving to black people was giving to you? Everybody knows KARMA!!! What does around come back around. You all know what i say KARMA is a BITCH!!!!
  5. Nosa said
    The director of this film about Ruby Bridges is a very famous filmmaker black WOMAN. Your description of her is a bit lacking.
  6. kyla webb said
    this artical was amazing how she did that
  7. antonio craig said
    I believe that this article or biography is great but needs more details on her family and more rewards and achievements

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