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Sandwich Makers – Toasting Tasty Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Bread Fillings at Home

Sandwich maker is one of the most revolutionary inventions made by Charles Champion in the year 1920. It is primarily used to make toasted sandwiches, but can be used as a utensil for various cooking purposes as well.


Sandwich Makers - Evolution and Development

Traditional sandwich makers were mostly made of cast iron and hence were heavier. These were cooked on open flames or on fire. However modern day sandwich toasters are very light and easy to use unlike traditional ones. These are easy to clean and maintain mostly works on electricity. Four triangle toasters and Panini press are the most common kinds of the same. Some brands have come up with an all-purpose sandwich makers which can be used for making waffles, pancakes etc. You can also regulate temperature and set timer in these devises which makes your sandwich making experience very convenient. Pick your sandwich makers based on these features and your requirements.

Sandwich Grill - Points to Remember

You can choose from among an array of grills for making sandwiches from the market. These are available in many ranges, few of which are electric panini grills, electric sandwich grill, stovetop grill, fireside grill etc. You can pick one as per your budget as well. Choose one with a non-stick coating so that your sandwiches do not stick to the plates. Some people prefer lightly grilled sandwiches and few others prefer crisp ones. By virtue of provided settings in your grills, you can make sandwiches as per your liking. Some trustworthy and preferred brands of sandwich grill are Cuisinart grill, Sanyo, Morphy Richards’, George Foreman grill etc.

Toasted Sandwich Maker - Tips

Ensure that you buy durable toasted sandwich maker for long life. You can find inexpensive versions of the same but those do not last for long. Pick the kind with a sturdy handle and durable body. Those of you with children can also buy fancy toasted sandwich makers with impression of Mickey Mouse and similar characters. Children might find sandwiches with their favourite characters very fascinating. This might as well elevate their appetite levels. Apart from making sandwiches you can also make other dishes like pizza pockets, mini pizzas, tortillas etc. However, not all makers are compatible for making these dishes.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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