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Simple Knitting Patterns for Cool Knitworks that Make Great Keepsakes

Knitting is an art and an excellent stress buster, and the knitting patterns should involve basic and easy designs that are remarkably easy to understand. When you know the four basics of knitting, and knitting patterns like cardigan and loom knitting, it becomes a fascinating hobby.


Simple Knitting Patterns - Beginner’s Knitting Guide

There are four basics of simple knitting patterns specifically, casting on, binding off, knitting, and purling. Casting on is the first key stitch known as slip knot that the knitter has to learn in the start. The slip knot forms the loop where a portion of the stitch has to be put back in to the loop and pulled. Knit stitch is almost equivalent to casting on stitch. Purl stitch is formed in a way opposite to the knit stitch. Binding off stage gives a polished look to your project where two stitches are knitted together. Some of the simple knitting patterns include knitting coasters, napkin ring, bandana, etc.

Loom Knitting Patterns - Knitting Finesse

Loom knitting is an ancient form of art rekindled extensively for crocheting and knitting. Different dimensions of looms are required for different loom knitting patterns. The gauge of the loom, the location of the pegs from each other, peg size and thickness of the yarn, all of which account for the size of the knit stitch and the overall look of the knitted fabric. Loom knitting can be used for various knit works like scarves, hats, baby blankets, shawls, mixed baby garments, etc. Some of the loom knitting patterns include basic rectangle knit, figure eight or zigzag stitch, etc. These patterns make your knitting work exceptional souvenirs.

Online knitting Patterns - Craft Gallery

Many online knitting classes provide elementary lessons, art and craft techniques, and online knitting patterns to the beginners as and when necessary. There are many knitting resources that connect the readers to the library collection of knitting, and crochet books, through which the beginners can learn quite a lot of things required for their knitting project. They also link to the free pattern library through which one can learn many knitting patterns to create versatile yarn work that can be admired keepsakes for your loved ones. All the resources are free to join and you can take maximum benefit of it.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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