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Sitting Rooms – Ideas for Creating Cozy and Comfortable Spaces

You can make your sitting room a very comfortable and cozy place where you can relax and unwind with friends or family. There are many innovative ideas which you could consider for achieving this purpose.


Sitting Rooms - Creating a Welcoming Ambience

The living room is one of the most common areas of your house. The sitting rooms can be made very inviting if they emanate a homely feel. You could paint the walls of your living room in a moss green color. Then place a plush rug which is deep brown in color over the floor. The sitting rooms also look very appealing if they are decorated in a country style. You can create such a style by painting your living room walls a warm yellow or red color. Using whitewashed, wicker or antiqued furniture will also help in bringing a country element to your living space.

Sitting Room Designs - Popular Ideas for Decoration

Your living room is an ideal space for showcasing your personal style. One of the modern sitting room designs which you could consider is painting your walls silver grey in color. You can use glass and lacquered furniture like stainless steel lamps and simple black couches. Another one of the excellent sitting room designs you could think about implementing is by jazzing up your floors. This will give your living space an unexpected personality. You could also consider painting designs over the floor, such as those which you have seen in a wall paper or textile book. You could create an African outback ambience of your living room by throwing a zebra printed rug over the floor.

Sitting Room Ideas - Attractive Living Room

Your drawing room or living space is a place where you sit and talk with your guests. Having walls with chocolate brown accent will render a soothing quality to your drawing room. This is one of the best sitting room ideas as you do not have to repaint your entire living space if you have chocolate brown accented walls. Another one of the very effective sitting room ideas is to have an object in your room, which catches everyone’s attention. This could be a wall over which you hang an art gallery or a fireplace. If your living room is large, then a good eye catching feature would be a window seat.

Written by Lucy King

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