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Small Bedroom Decorating -Tips and Techniques for Beautifying Your Bedrooms

Decorating small bedrooms can be considered as a challenging task because of the awkward bedding and closet spaces that usually pose a problem to the occupant. Nonetheless, numerous ways are available to transform bedrooms into a comfortable haven. These include the use of space-saving techniques and coalesced décor themes.


Small Bedroom Decorating - Common Tips and Guidelines

In order to make a narrow room functional, it is necessary that the furniture is thoroughly scaled down by placing the dresser inside the closet, using built-in drawers and obtaining a full-sized bed. Another small bedroom decorating tip reveals that windows may also serve as headboards while the curtains may also act as a canopy.Other decorative guidelines include the use of vertically striped wallpapers and ceiling curtains to emphasize the room’s height instead of its width. Another small bedroom decorating idea involves the proper use of color schemes like the light and neutral paints to make the room seem spacious, as well as the dramatic color palettes of plum or charcoal for the bold and cozy effect.

Small Bedroom Designs - Practical Decorating Ideas

One of the most common small bedroom designs is the use of trendy mirrors to evoke the illusion of space thereby making the place seem larger. Usually, mirrors of similar size and frame shapes are placed on the opposing walls at the same time keeping it at the eye level, in order to achieve such effect.Moreover, the choice of beds and furniture also has to be according to the unique pattern of small bedroom designs so that the space can be truly maximized. Use of a small yet comfortable bed is recommended, while the furnishings are expected to be in smaller scales. Obtaining furniture items that give extra storage is a great idea too like the armoires that tend to contain not only the TV but the speakers and other audio equipments as well.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Space Saving Techniques

Some of the efficient techniques in order to save space include the elimination of nightstands and installment of small shelves. The limited confined room can also be prevented from crowding if the furniture use is limited to a single bed and small dresser. Other small bedroom ideas include the installment of built-in cabinets into the bed’s headboard, as well as the use of storage drawers beneath it. Moreover, the finishing touches may involve the resourceful use of lightings that invoke an expanded impression into the small room space. Hanging sheers under the typical curtains allow the flooding of light into the room, while living accents like houseplants and aquarium links with nature thereby enhancing the expansive effect.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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