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Snowmobile Trails – Where to find the best Routes in the Snow for a cool Winter Adventure

In 1924, Carl J Eliason, a snowmobiling fanatic from Wisconsin, developed the prototype of a snowmobile, and a patent was issued for it in 1926. With the modern snowmobile designed by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1958, snowmobiling entices enthusiasts who love to ski their way through snow for fun and adventure.


Snowmobile Trails - Discover the Best Snowmobiling Experiences

Before thinking of following this adventurous and dangerous winter sport, you must be well aware of the trails followed for snowmobiling. With a multitude of destinations to choose from inside the United States, there are a few that stand out in terms of the quality of snow and snowmobile trails. The most popular ones being West Yellowstone in Montana, Eagle River in Wisconsin, Stanley in Idaho, Jackson Hole in Wyoming, Newberry in Michigan, Aroostook County in Northern Maine, Mammoth Lakes in California and Petersville in Alaska. Abundant in snow, these areas provide miles of well-marked and groomed snowmobile trails shared among various snowmobile clubs and ski resorts.

Snowmobile Apparel - for Safe and Comfortable Sledding

For those who pursue this sport to relax from the regular stress or for those regular riders, the proper set of snowmobile clothes and accessories are crucial. The basic apparels include a jacket, helmet, snowmobile bib or pant, boots, gloves or mittens. Wearing a base layer under your snowmobile outfit is a necessity. Avoid cotton attires. An ideal snowmobile apparel should not only provide protection from snow and wind, but also safeguard you from a collision or a fall. These snowmobile apparels are designed with water resistant materials to keep the body warm and insulated from the freezing temperatures. On the flip side, heavy snowmobile clothes pose a threat while trying to escape the frozen water, once fallen into it.

Snowmobile Trail Maps - Leading You to Safety

While traversing through the wide landscapes and wild terrains, sledders can always get lost. Most destinations provide well-marked snowmobile trail maps to ensure the riders follow a safe path and return with ease. GPS trail maps are available which accurately displays the snowmobile trails, leading you through a safe and fun filled ride through the snowy mountains and the slippery slopes.With multi-passenger and individual snowmobiles, these winter breaks can turn out to be an addictive winter activity.Picture Source: / E01

Written by René Seifert

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