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Sound Healing – Curing Through Certain Sound Frequencies

Sound healing is a unique therapy measure where sound vibrations at certain specified frequencies are used to treat the ailments. These sounds are prescribed in the form of music, hence also coined as music healing or audio therapy.


Sound healing - Principle of Resonance

The practice of Sound healing is an innovative approach to tackle the physical and mental aspects of human beings. When sound wave comes in contact with human ears, it brings along with it a state of harmony and balance to the mind, body and soul. Many would question how a sound wave could heal a human body. The best way to answer the critics would be the usage of stethoscope by doctors to hear the heart, lung and bowel sounds to identify the health problem. Backed upon this principle, there are theories suggesting how different sound waves when used under prescribed ways could relieve you from illness. The secret to sound healing practice is the correlation between sound frequencies and atomic weights of the elements present in the body.

Audio therapy - Correlation of Music and Body

Music and singing has a strong influence on the health or mood of an individual as vibrations from music have deep influence on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of body. Audio therapy aims at analyzing these vibrations during nutritional imbalances, disease stress and illness. These frequencies or vibrations are then compared with frequencies which activate vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. in the body. It is remarkable to know that the frequencies which activate biological substances have the capability to detoxify frequencies promoting illness thereby healing the disease. Audio therapy can be used to treat ailments like cancer, heart disease, mental depression and sleep disorders.

Music healing - Powerful Healing Tool

Music in both positive and negative forms has major effects on the body. Negative form of music like the loud rock band or jackhammer creates painful vibrations in the ear, which leads to creation of dissonant vibrations within the body thereby changing the mood to hatred or fear. On the contrary, positive forms of music which are made out of love bring calmness and relaxation to the mind. Music healing is a practice which is widely gaining popularity in hospitals for treating ailing patients. It is believed that patients recovering from heart attacks and strokes respond quickly to music. Grief, pain, depression, loneliness and anger can also be well managed by music healing attributes.

Written by Simon Harris

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