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Spiritual Healers – Healing Body, Mind and Soul through Proper Energy Transmissions

Before there were high-tech hospitals, spiritual healers were the trusted source of healing, and in many cultures, still are today. Their range of treatments vary from meditations to healing energy transfers.


Spiritual Healers - Transcendent Healing of the Human Being

Although modern medicine has vastly overshadowed them, spiritual healers are still healing people all over the world with age old methods. The art of spiritual healing does not come from highly specialized medical skill or knowledge, but from a belief in the correct transferrence of energy. The idea is based around the principle that there is a higher, intelligent being who produces this healing energy. Through placing their hands on the body of the sick or needy, the spiritual healer transfers energy from the higher intelligent being through their own body and into the sick. This healing is not only intended to heal the body itself but also the mind and the spirit. It is also believed that through careful and diligent prayer and meditation this healing power of energy can be harnessed without the use of spiritual healers.

Healing Meditation - Seeking Answers Through Introspection

There are many different forms of healing meditation. The basis of the idea that meditating can help heal you is that you have brought on whatever ailment you suffer from through negative thoughts. Through the different forms of meditation you seek to better understand and balance the energy within and around yourself. Once you have obtained a better balance of energy you can break through whatever ailment you have and be spiritually healed, whether it be mental, physical, or emotional. A few different types of healing meditation are Energy-Based Aura Meditation, Guided Meditation, and Visualization. Through these techniques you can spiritually heal your mind, body, and spirit to ultimately achieve better over-all health and wellbeing.

Reiki Treatment- Ancient Healing

Reiki is an ancient form of spiritual healing that involves the Reiki practitioner laying his/her hands on the subject and transferring energy into them in order to heal the body, mind, and spirit. The life energies that pass through the palms of the healer's hands and into the subject's body help to achieve balance of the internal energies of the subject. Reiki treatment is often performed in a quiet, soothing atmosphere. Typically in such an atmosphere you would find dimmed lights, soft music, or a gently gurggling fountain. While most times a Reiki practitioner will actually lay his/her hands on different parts of your body in order to transfer the energies, some only hover their hands a few inches above you. The energies will still flow where needed regardless of whether the healer is actually touching you or not.Photo Source :

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