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Stains on Teeth – Discolored Appearances Showcasing Unclean Teeth

Tooth staining is an embarrassing condition wherein you feel diffident while talking to others, or even giving a smile. While utmost preference is given to body care, it is highly essential to keep the teeth clean and white, to ensure complete physical stability.


Stains on Teeth - Factors that Initiate Discolorations

The stains on teeth can be due to many factors. When it is caused due to dental caries, the result is teeth staining with black or white spots on the teeth, resulting in ugly smiles. The tooth enamel is damaged, and the overall structure of the teeth will be impaired. The stains on teeth could also be due to conditions such as Fluorosis, which usually causes white stains on the teeth. This condition is generally caused due to the increase in level of fluoride in drinking water. With the progress of the condition, the teeth will show brown stains. Excessive smoking and chewing tobacco also causes excessive staining in the teeth. In addition, the side effects of a few drugs will cause teeth staining too.A few other factors that contribute to stains on teeth are hereditary abnormalities, excessive use of mouthwashes that contain silver nitrate or potassium permanganate, and excessive intake of iron supplements. The treatment of extrinsic staining is relatively easy, wherein that of intrinsic training is quite complicated. Tooth bleaching is one of the favorable techniques in getting this condition cured.

Dental Plaque - Bacteria and Deposits on Teeth

Dental plaque is a condition caused by the accumulation of dental mucus and bacteria, which further progresses to dental caries. It is commonly mistaken as white spots on teeth. Plaque is caused when the food particles get deposited on the surface of the teeth and creates a film of bacteria, caused by the absence of proper brushing. Dental plaque is usually colorless, and can be removed easily using fingernails or through proper brushing. Failing to do so within 48 hours, the plaque solidifies and gradually becomes dental calculus or tartar, which becomes stained, hard, and is difficult to remove. In such situations, a dental clean up is the only solution. To avoid such circumstances, regular brushing, flossing, washing the mouth after eating, and even regular teeth clean up is essential.

Spots in Teeth - White and Black

Similar to teeth staining, the spots in teeth is usually caused by a few situations like smoking, chewing tobacco, excessive consumption of coffee, intake of certain drugs, dental caries, fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia, dental plaque, and amalgam restorations. There can be white or black spots, and in most cases, the condition can be cured by getting the teeth cleaned by an expert dentist. The cleaning ensures the cleaning of stubborn stains as well. However, in certain cases, stubborn spots or stains can be removed only using cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth bleaching. Teeth whitening methods can be tried at home to remove the spots in teeth, and they are mostly found effective to get whiter teeth. In addition, several teeth whitening toothpastes can be tried. In addition, while nutritional deficiencies cause the problem, a healthy diet is a must to eliminate the occurrence of teeth spots.Photo Source :

Written by Katherine Murphy

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