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Starting a Handyman Business – Being the Jack of All Trades

Suggested by the name itself, a handyman comes handy for many tasks, though he might not be the master of none. Instead of hiring professionals for a simple task and paying high, people tend to depend on a handyman, and this is one venture you can start with ease.

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Starting a Handyman Business - Self Employment with Multitasking Skills

Mechanically inclined people who live around the houses pose as handymen, and the petty work available in the localities can be undertaken by these handymen at nominal rates. Starting a handyman business is a great option for self employment and entrepreneurship, and does not require you to sit at the desk for long hours or to frequently attend calls.Before starting a handyman business, you must be ready to undertake all the small odd jobs that come your way, like plumbing, installing appliances and gas, cleaning, doing general repair, and so on. Once you are sure you are capable of undertaking and efficiently handling these small jobs, you can place ads in local newspapers, post flyers at churches and other congregates or pass business cards through friends and acquaintances to do some self marketing. Before starting a handyman business ensure you acquire a license to carry on the business.

House Maintenance - a Great Business Approach

A handyman can come handy for house maintenance and home repairs. People looking for professional help with house maintenance will approach handyman services, and give details on what repair they expect from you. Bid appropriately while they ask for your service, as the highest and the lowest bidder will be undervalued and rejected. Never ask more than 50% of the pay as advance. The rest of the money will be paid once the home owner is satisfied with the repairing done.In addition, to undertake home maintenance, the handyman must have the professional license, and get into a contract with the home owner detailing the tasks to be accomplished, the materials used, and the warranty provided.

Telephone Repairman - High in Demand

Maintaining the network of communications around US, telephone repairman is of demand for home, business and payphone maintenance. Being shortage in number, pursuing a career in becoming a telephone repairman is worth the money you spend. Learn to repair all types of media and communication lines, and this will increase your market value and improve your employment opportunities. Getting certified in certain applications like modem repair, telephone systems, PBXs, testing devices, digital test sets, data signal generators, and Nortel products will ensure you of fast placements. A degree in electronics and communication technology will be an advantage.Photo Source :

Written by Simon Harris

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