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Steve Jobs Biography – Life of the Eccentric Apple-Icon

With the aspiration of positioning Apple and its products at the cutting edge of the IT industry, Steve Jobs have been successful in his innovations through his unique management styles and foreseeing power, even though most of them upset those around him and consider him eccentric.


Steve Jobs Biography - Rising of the Apple Icon

It was the ideas that came out of a college dropout, Steven Paul Jobs that sprung out into the idea of small personal computers that derived from the gigantic big machines. His collaboration with Steve Wozniak, resulted in Apple computers.Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco on 24 February 1955. He was born as an orphan and was raised by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View. He did summer jobs at Hewlett Packard during his school days. He became friends with another college dropout, Steve Wozniak, and while working for Atari, Jobs was given a venture of creating a circuit board for a game. He was offered $100 for every chip reduced out of the board. Wozanik helped him with achieving this goal, at the agreement of sharing the bonus. However, Jobs grabbed a reward of $5000, and lied to Wozanik saying he received only $700 from Atari.The duo, along with Ronald Wayne, founded Apple in 1976, and became its CEO in1997. With controversial management principles, Steve Jobs started this entrepreneurship, and managed to bring profitability to Apple, and at the same time increased its exposure to the outside world. He resigned from the post of CEO on August 2011.Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004, and after a liver transplantation, he had recovered. However, on October 5, 2011, Jobs' family made an announcement that he died peacefully the same day.

Steve Jobs Management Style - Considered Ruthless, yet Distinct

Unlike many others, Steve Jobs have a different style of management, most of them ruthless and frigging. He gives importance to a hundred of ideas before finalizing on the right one, than focusing on just one idea. His work schedule every week at Apple starts with a review on the whole business, and a quick look at the items sold the previous week. The meeting discusses every product under development, every product facing trouble, every successful product, and every development in the company.One of the Steve Jobs management styles is not letting the employees know how they perform, instead keep them guessing, so they don’t get self-complacent. He believes in creativity springing out of fear. He believes that employees who work as if it is their last day if they do not perform well, fair well. Steve Jobs also believes in hiring anyone, than hiring the best people. Fear is always a factor that stands out in Steve Jobs management style. He also believes in “no praise”, and “repeated criticism”. Some of the other distinct Steve Jobs’ principles are firing people without a reason on a regular basis, and being super humble in the public.

Steve Jobs Email - Remains a Speculation

Steve Jobs is quite infamous for his rudeness towards his employees, and also to his customers while replying to their complaints and emails. He responds to the customers through his personal apple email address His bitterness towards certain situations have raised a lot of controversy and criticism. However, Apple had confirmed that the Steve Jobs email was fake, However, Apple customers keep receiving mails through Steve Jobs email, and Steve Jobs has never been available to clarify the speculations and rumors.Photo Source :

Written by Simon Harris

2 Responses to Steve Jobs Biography – Life of the Eccentric Apple-Icon

  1. a p navin said
    Some of the other distinct Steve Jobs’ principles are firing people without a reason on a regular basis, and being super humble in the public.

    Simon, i found the above sentence about Steve interesting and funny. What do mean when you say, he fires people without reason, i mean how would he do it and still have Apple running. Do you not like Steve? It was so funny.....being super humble in public.......
    n about mails to customers.... i dunno he is either Neo or Iron man 2 get away for being so openly rude.
    I wish i had a ipad. Which would be good, a coffee n ipad or a tea n friend. Better yet dream would you say, yeh?
  2. a p navin said
    I guess Steve is like that coz then someday, their would be no work!
    Where their is no work, there will be you.

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