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Symptoms of Ringworm – For Early Detection and Treatment

Ringworm is a common fungal infection of the skin, which can be quite troublesome yet easy to treat through medications and skin creams. The rash caused by the ringworm has peculiar symptoms and appearance, which act as one of the prominent signs of the infection.


Symptoms of Ringworm - Signifying the Infection

There are many significant symptoms of ringworm, the most easily observable one being the reddish rings that develop on the skin. These rings are usually inflammatory in nature, which is caused due to the immune reaction of the body against the fungal infection. These rings or rashes are very itchy, and excessive itching can lead to formation of blisters with pus. Another one of the symptoms of ringworm is extreme paleness or darkness of the skin, caused mainly due to the effect of infection. In case of ringworm infections occurring in hairy regions like scalp or beard, loss of hair is observed with prominent dark patches developing very quickly. These are some of the way through which the infection can be detected superficially..

Ringworm Rash - Manifestation of Infection

The most common form of ringworm infections are caused by the members of the tinea genus, each having a distinct location on the open skin. The most common infection, caused by Tinea corporis, occurs on body and forms a classic ring shaped rash. This ringworm rash is easily confused with eczema rashes, so utmost care is needed while observation and diagnosis. Besides this, rashes are also caused in the scalp and beard area, which are distinguished by the crusting and heavy itching related to them. Between all the different ringworm rash types, the redness and severe itching are common, because the infection is caused by excessive sweating and unhygienic habits.

Signs of Ringworm - Indications to Look Out for

A ringworm infection is highly infectious because of its fungal nature, and hence requires people to be cautious. Not only are they liable to infect other people, they can spread the infection from one part of their body to another. In any case, awareness regarding the first signs of ringworm infection is important, as it can help you in preventing the situation from getting worse. The initial phase of the infection is itching in the areas which are affected by sweating, like inner thighs, arm pits, neck, amongst others. Eventually, one can feel slight red rashes developing on the skin surface with increased intensity of itching. Having identified these signs of infection, the individual is advised to consult their doctor immediately and curb the infection before it takes hold.

Written by Melanie Gray

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