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Teeth Whitening Pen – For an Ultra White Smile

Staining of teeth is an everyday affair with drinking beverages like coffee or tea or chewing tobacco. With the advent of teeth whitening pens, these surface stains are not a disgrace anymore.


Teeth Whitening Pen - Easy-to-Use and Economical

A teeth whitening pen contains a gel that has hydrogen peroxide and other bleaching agents. When this gel is applied on to the top layer of the teeth, the peroxide formula works on the stubborn stains and bleaches the teeth. The teeth whitening pen is very easy to use. Twist the bottom of the pen and dab a small amount of gel onto the affected teeth. Wait for a few seconds to set. Make sure that you do not eat or drink anything for a few minutes, so that the bleaching agent gets a chance to work. Applying too much of gel may cause uneven results. Use it in a well-lit area, so that you can see the stains clearly and use the gel properly. The frequency of using this gel depends upon the severity of stains. However, when used as directed, you can get your teeth look a few shades whiter than it originally was.

Best Teeth Whitening System - Finding What Works for You

The best teeth whitening system should be the one that works the best for you. Personal preferences vary, so do the degree of stains. While there are several whitening systems available, one has to know the pros and cons of each system before deciding to buy one. Teeth whitening strips, toothpastes, and kits are available in the market. Most people prefer to use a toothpaste which contains a bleaching agent and helps maintain the whiteness of teeth consistently. The whitening pens are currently in vogue as they are easy to use and carry and widely available in the market. A best teeth whitening system should be economical, easy to use, and effective on stains. Make sure to check out for these factors before settling on one.

Teeth Whitening Procedures - At the Dentist’s Office.

There are different types of teeth whitening procedures done at a dentist’s office. Depending upon the objective and preferences, your dentist may recommend one of these procedures. They are mild acid whitening, chemical whitening, abrasive teeth brightening, laser teeth whitening, and custom fit tray bleaching. After an initial session at the office, home treatments are also suggested by dentists. The patients are provided with the a kit and instructions on how to use it. After using for a recommended period of time, the patient should return to the dentist’s office for a followup.Photo Source :

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