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Telemarketing Services – Promotion Sales Through Outbound and Inbound Call Interactions

Applying telemarketing strategy in business, a powerful tool to promote or introduce a product over phone, helps to get immediate response from consumers, assists in sales and supports customer service facility at a cost-effective price.


Telemarketing Services - Offering Effective Support and Generating Business

Telemarketing services offered by various organizations can be broadly categorized into two types. One is the outbound service while other is inbound service. Firms that are handling outbound telemarketing services usually offer programs such as B2B or Business to Business and B2C or Business to Consumer. B2B and B2C processes assist in market research, generating sales leads, fixing appointments, enhancing database, informing clients about new products or any special offers and also help in product selling. Inbound services, on the other hand, mostly refer to customer service or technical support through phone calls, emails, faxes or web chat and thus help to resolve queries or problems of clients. In order to handle immense number of phone calls, some service providers also use an automated process known as interactive voice response. It is a unique device that does not require any live representative to interact with customers. Given such varied options, it is important to understand which of the telemarketing services can fulfill your business needs.

Telemarketing Companies - Choosing the Right Organization

There are plenty of telemarketing companies that handle inbound and outbound service. Hence, before hiring a particular service provider, you need to ensure that the firm has sufficient experience about your industry or product. You can check for testimonials from other clients or if they have handled any similar promotion program. Moreover, the vendor needs to have proper infrastructure with efficient staff. Cost is another important deciding factor. You can obtain price quotations from different telemarketing companies. Sometimes off-shore organizations are cheaper. It is also a good idea to choose a service provider that allows you to evaluate your campaign performance by providing you detailed report about daily sales, customer satisfaction or revenue.

Telemarketing Call Center - Requirements of Outsource

You can set up an in-house telemarketing team to promote your products or to give support to existing customers. But outsourcing these jobs to a specialized telemarketing call center will assist you to enjoy better service at a reasonable fee. Business Process Outsourcing companies or BPOs eliminate the enormous cost and tedious job of maintaining employees. Not only that, it removes the operational cost as there is no requirement of business infrastructure. Hence, it indirectly helps a company to generate more revenue. In addition, as most call centers operate daily for 24 hours, it enhances an organization’s flexibility and gives maximum opportunity to interact with clients.

Written by Lucy King

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