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Toasted Skin Syndrome – Skin Mottling by Prolonged Use of Laptops

Prolonged exposure to excessive heat, mottles down the skin creating red or brown discoloration, progressing to medical complications that pertain to the damage of skin and arteries. Toasted skin syndrome is the most common among the technically addicted population.


Toasted Skin Syndrome - the Medical Complications

As our skin is not meant to be exposed to higher temperatures for a long time, doctors prescribe cooling off the area exposed to heat, after 10-15 minutes. However, as this is quite impossible with the business laptop users and corporate, it is ideal to look for other solutions to prevent the onsets of toasted skin syndrome. Temperatures under the laptops sometimes reach excessive levels. This causes the blood vessels and the capillary vessels to stretch out and rebound, and once they cross the limit, they get weak and their elasticity reduces. This causes the skin to appear red and the blood flow becomes slow, and the blood vessels become visible through the skin. You need to consider it a medical problem, rather than a cosmetic issue, and hence toasted skin syndrome must not be left unattended. To avoid further complications, it is wise to use a laptop desk or to keep the laptop on a table while working. If you are travelling, it is wise to use a laptop bag under the laptop while using.Toasted skin syndrome is also called laptop-induced dermatosis, and medical attention must be immediately sought after, if you find the condition painful and severe, or if you experience severe burning sensation.

Skin Erythema - Damage to Capillaries

The congestion of the capillaries causing skin redness indicates some inflammation present in the lower layers of the skin, and this condition is often termed skin erythema. The dilating of the capillaries result in the redness of the skin, and the condition can be a result of sunburn, allergies, infection, exercise, electrical treatments or burns, insect stings, acne treatments etc. The condition is common, and upon seeing any unusual symptoms, medical attention must be immediately sought. Patients seeking radiotherapy are found to have skin erythema upon continuous exposure to ionizing radiation. In several cases, the cause of the condition is unknown.

Erythema Ab Igne

Much similar to skin erythema, erythema ab Igne causes redness of the skin and inflammation of the blood vessels and underlying layers, due to exposure to infrared radiation. It is commonly seen among those who overly get exposed to electric heaters or open fires. The condition is also seen among those using laptops and hot water bottles causing the skin to appear blotchy or mottled. In extreme cases, lesions and sores start to develop. Some individuals experience itchiness and burning sensation. Mild conditions will improve within a few months, and if the conditions go severe, you can seek laser treatment or topical tretinoin. If you experience any lumps inside the skin, do a skin biopsy for eliminating any possibilities of skin cancer.

Written by Lucy King

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