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Tom Cruise Biography – Progressing from Chocolate Hero to Action Roles

Tom Cruise, once known for his chocolate hero look is now a versatile actor. Be it a romantic hero’s role or it is an action hero, Tom Cruise is always at his best. Box office failure, though quite less, has never been able to affect his acting abilities.


Tom Cruise Biography - Peek into the Personal and Professional Life

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, commonly known as Tom Cruise, is known as much for his successful films as for his controversial public image. The actor, who has starred in some of the most successful Hollywood movies, was born in 1962 to Thomas and Mary Mapother. His father worked as an electrical engineer and his mother was an actress. When he was a teen of 11 his parents got divorced and Tom Cruise moved with her mother to Louisville and later to New Jersey. Owing to Dyslexia, an ailment which also haunted his sisters, he did not do well academically. After tasting success at a school musical when he was just 16, Tom Cruise decided to pursue a career in acting. He made his silver screen debut in Endless Love, released in 1981 which also had Brooke Shields. It was at this time that he starred in Taps, with Sean Penn. Tom Cruise biography is full of dramatic developments and some such developments include his getting noticed by Hollywood veterans. He tasted commercial success for the first time with Risky Business (1983). In his prolific career Tom Cruise acted in many successful movies including the Mission Impossible franchisee. Tom Cruise biography remains incomplete without mentioning his multiple relationships to high profile Hollywood divas including Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise Movies List - Way to Extraordinary Superstardom

Tom Cruise joined the top league of Hollywood actors with Top Gun, which also had Meg Ryan in the cast. It was 1986’s top grossing film. Tom Cruise movies list is quite long and it includes some critically acclaimed pieces as well. He tasted success with the subsequent movies like The Color of Money and ‘Rain Man’. The latter released in 1988. ‘Born on the Fourth of July’, a biopic on the life of Vietnam Veteran Ron Kovic earned him a Golden Globe. He starred in ‘Days of Thunder’ with Nicole Kidman, a noted Australian actress, who later became his spouse. They starred in two more movies later. Tom Cruise movies list also includes names like Interview with a Vampire and Jerry McGuire.

Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman - Media’s Favorite Couple

Actor Tom Cruise has dated a number of Hollywood beauties in his life but his association and relation with actress Nicole Kidman remains the most famous one. The Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman liaison started on the sets of the film Days of Thunder. They went on to share screen space in ventures like Eyes Wide Shut and Far and Away. They later got married and became the hot couple of Hollywood. The actor duo could not cope with the stress that became a part of their career and opted for separation. They ended their marriage in 2001, 11 years after tying the knot. Later the actor married actress Katie Holmes.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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