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Tunisia Tourism – Holiday Options in the African Country

Tunisia is one of the major tourist attractions with its mountain ranges and stretches of the Sahara desert. You can not only indulge in adventure sports but also opt for various other activities like desert rides, a visit to the ruins and a beach holiday.

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Tunisia Tourism - Adventurous Break

Tunisia is the northernmost African country in the mountains ranges of Atlas. Summers are usually hot and dry and winters have mild temperatures. Tunisia tourism is the major industry and support sysytem of the country. The picturesque beaches are the major attraction among tourists but the country also presents an Arabian atmosphere. You can visit Hammanet which is one of the most popular beaches, famous for its sunny weather and blue waters. A fort overlooking the sea and exciting sea sports also works as a huge crowd puller. It is a perfect spot for a family vacation. Tunisia Tourism also boasts of trekking amidst the sands of Sahara Desert. Trekking usually begins from Douz.

Tunisia Travel - Revisit the Lost Culture

If you want a taste of Tunisian culture you can visit the village of Matmata. Tunisia travel allows you to visit a number of tunnels and houses underground which were built by the natives for warding off the heat. Sousse located in the Mediterranean Bay is a beautifully decorated city. Several types of architectural designs add charm to the breath-taking beauty of the city like the city wall, nobleman mansion, ecclesiastical building, underground tombs etc. These structures are relics of the 9th century BC. The Sousse museum which has antiques of a 3500 years old culture is a must see during Tunisia travel.

Holiday in Tunisia - Few Precautionary Measures

If you want to travel to Tunisia it is crucial to get a medical insurance done since the extreme weather conditions can affect your health adversely. Several travel agents conduct tours for holiday in Tunisia from all over the world. You can access Tunisia directly by flight. There are numerous luxury hotels that will make your stay comfortable. Djarba or Midoun are popular places for staying. If you want to interact with the local crowd you can opt for hotels in the fringes of the cities. Before making arrangements for a holiday in Tunisia it is better to consult your travel agents who will help you to get the best deal.

Written by Dennis Patterson

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