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Turmeric Health Benefits – Knowing the Goodness of the Wondrous Medicinal Herb and Spice

Used both as a medicinal herb as well as a culinary spice the numerous turmeric health benefits make this product quite popular all over the world. The wonderful health benefits of this herb had been well recognized in the ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine systems.

Turmeric Health BenefitsPHOTO BY SANJAY ACHARYA

Turmeric Health Benefits - Multiple Advantages from Single Herb

The list of turmeric health benefits is long and covers various aspects of the human body systems and their proper functioning. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties make it most suited for application on cuts, bruises, wounds, burns and swollen glands. Turmeric has abundant anti oxidants in it, which are great for the functioning of the liver. The general effects of this herb on skin and especially in case of acne problems are legendary among Indian women. This spice when used in food improves gastric functions and relieves various stomach ailments. Additionally turmeric is used for treatment for cancer, liver disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and chronic depression. The other turmeric health benefits include its usage against tumors, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and obesity.

Turmeric Tea - Making at Home

This wondrous and unique tea can be easily made at home using simple ingredients that are readily available at any home. Making turmeric tea requires about four cups of water to be brought to a boil over the stove and then one spoonful of turmeric powder along with one spoonful of ginger powder to be added. This mixture can be brought to a simmer for the next ten minutes to ensure proper mixing of the ingredients. Once the heating part is over the tea can be strained into a cup to remove the turmeric and ginger particles. The turmeric tea thus prepared can be flavoured with honey and lemon juice additions, which will ensure that the medicinal properties remain intact.

Turmeric for Skin - Nature’s Gift

The use of turmeric for skin care has been a traditional cosmetic solution in many oriental countries for several centuries. Skin disorders like acne, eczema, psoriasis and rashes are some of the common ailments that are addressed by regular application of the turmeric paste on skin. There are stunning anti ageing effects of turmeric when applied on the skin manifested by younger and revitalized skin that has lesser creases and wrinkles. Being natural cleanser turmeric mixed with milk is a great idea for washing the facial skin. This herb aids in faster recovery of the skin after an attack of chicken pox that leaves depression marks throughout the body. Turmeric has the potential to provide overall skin care to accord a glowing skin that is rejuvenated and fresh.

Written by Lucy King

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