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Venice Tourism – Enjoy the Tourist Attractions, Best Italian Food, and Shopping

From San Marco Square to the Rialto Bridge, there are loads of historical monuments that can make you dumbstruck with its monumental charm and historical significance. The magnificent city has lots of resources to attract the tourists, not just tourist spots, but its cuisine, that adds to the flavor.


Venice Tourism - 5 things to Explore

Gondola ride along the canals of Venice is a not- to- miss event in Venice tourism to-do-lists. Venice. A 35 minutes travel with music and pomp is a fantastic way to capture the magic of the land. Sightseeing at Murano, Burano, and Torcello can be a fun filled journey to gaze at the glass-blowing show on Murano. Launching your first footsteps on the tranquil lands of Torcello and Venice first church can be an unforgettable experience. Not to forget the Dolomite mountain trips, to explore the exquisite Venice scenery which can become one of your outstanding trips in Venice tourism. Venice Grand canal boat tour and walking tour with St. Basilica is worth the money spent on it. A relaxing trip along the beautiful hills of Veneto and towns of Asolo and Bassano Del Grappa is also one among the top 5 places to visit in Venice.

Visit Venice - Hot Events to Fantasize

There are varied reasons for Venice being a hot tourist spot. A lot of tourists visit Venice for the Venice carnival that takes place during the month of February is the main highlight of this month. In addition to Parades, ball costumes, masquerades, there are a variety of festive events and ceremonies which draws tourists from all over the world. The International choir competition, the Venizia in Musica can be another reason to visit Venice. The Murano glass exhibition is the foremost reason for the flooding of tourists in the country. Where they get to know and see different techniques involved in making some of the finest glass masterpieces. Venice canals and gondolas cannot be the last reason for taking a trip to the country. A lot of architects also swarm to Venice to visualize the architectural extravaganza.

Shopping in Venice - Special Venice Gifts

Shopping in Venice can be never-ending a task with a huge collection of antiques and cherished collectibles. The shopping list can range from dresses in Rialto market, to cheap trinkets or crafts in Burano. Collecting the cartapesta masks, antiques from Mercatino dell’Antiquariato, books from Libreria Sansovino, and art and craft work from Murano art gallery are a lifetime gift achievement. Giocommo Rizzo and Pasticceria Marchini are an ideal place for any gastronomic. Marco polo and Venini are excellent places for glass shopping. Chimento and Antichita Zaggia are specialized rare antique jewelry shops. In addition to this, shopping for music, paper products, and wine are also made highly possible in many places, in Venice.

Written by Dennis Patterson

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