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Victorian Interior – Giving a Dramatic Feel

Lush furnishing like curtains, drapes, wallpapers, carpets, and rugs are stowed in Victorian homes. The rooms are packed with interesting items like paintings, lamps, photo frames, clocks from the majestic era. The interiors have a laid back appeal that is extremely inviting.


Victorian Interior - Prominent and Lavish

Victorian homes are legendary and are known to have rich and opulent interiors with striking a décor. They are also comfortable, relaxed, and snug. The Victorian interior will go well in period homes. The rooms are painted with lavish and rich hues and then filled with furnishing and other decorative knick-knacks. One can paint rooms in bold heritage colors like rose, amber, dark green, gold, etc. The colors used are bright but muted. Alternate walls can be painted in contrasting colors. The rooms are filled with a variety of furniture and upholstery like wallpapers, curtains, rugs, carpets, etc. The patterns on these are bold and varied; many patterns are used together to create a conspicuous look. Floors can be wooden or tiled. Ottoman rugs, Persian carpets, oriental rugs, antique rugs, ingrain carpets, hand painted oilcloths and floor cloth runners are used often in Victorian interiors.

Victorian Decorating - Cram Trinkets

Victorian decorating is very opulent. Adorn the rooms with knick knack like clocks, candlesticks, porcelain figurines, china plates, little bottles, Japanese fans, lace doilies, tropical plants, decorative statues, etc. Brass, china and marble curio pieces are a common feature. Glass art like ornate chandeliers and cut glass is used widely. Paintings are an important part of the décor and one can pick from charming scenes of children, young women etc. Arrange photos with ornate silver or gilded frames. Throw loads of pillows on furniture. Gleam of artificial lighting like candles, oil lamps, table lamps, scones, and ceiling lights is classic in Victorian decorating. Artificial lighting fixtures will mostly have ornamental designs.

Victorian Interior Design - Ornate

Ornate is the mantra in Victorian interior design. The ceilings are usually high and are beautified with coving, cornicing and ceiling roses. Floors are generally made of hard wood and can also be covered with carpets. Ornate mouldings, medallion work, and carvings are typical. Fireplaces, stoves, mantles and patios are common in and around the house. Curtains should be made from fabrics like velvet, damask, brocade, cottons, muslins, nets, lace, and chintz. Heavy embroidery on curtains, upholstery, and rugs looks marvelous. Wallpapers are commonly used and have eye-catching patterns of flowers, foliage, birds, and butterflies. Windows will have grills and blinds.

Written by Lucy King

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