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Vintage Cabinet – Ideal Storages for Display

Antique furniture adds an old-fashioned and sort of nostalgic flair to a room, and vintage cabinets are no exception. Some people visit flea markets or thrift stores to purchase age-old cabinets, while others design their new ones to make them look vintage.

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Vintage Cabinet - Features and Hardware

Things that are older than thirty to forty years are considered vintage, and common vintage cabinets are pre-owned or inherited from a family member. Double-door hardwood cabinets with four legs are classic and may be purchased in antique stores, but their parts can also be bought separately. Some homeowners who want a flavor of Country or Victorian style in their houses buy old pieces including hinges, drawer pulls, knobs and latches to their vintage cabinets. The octagon-shaped glass styled knobs that still exist today take after the knobs made in the late 1800s. Other people hire designers to make their cabinets look old by adding nineteenth century carvings and certain types of wood finishing.

Vintage Dresser - Purchasing Tips

Depending on the so-called vintage period, a vintage dresser can be Gothic or Art Nouveau. People looking to purchase antique dressers should consider not only the style they are going for, but also the space that they need or have. Some vintage dressers like bureaus or lowboys offer ample storage. For homeowners with little floor space, the narrow dresser or highboy is recommended. A number of these dressers come with mirrors or vanity sets, others are just plain drawer sets. Antique dressers can also cost a considerable amount of money, so potential buyers should consult antique experts before investing in such furniture.

Vintage Wardrobe - Various Types

Vintage wardrobes are not only made in Western countries. In China, wardrobes and cabinets were built in distinct styles, imprinting unique Asian furniture designs. The carvings are complex and intricate, and the colors are rich. These oriental wardrobes were usually made of bamboo, oak, cypress and hardwoods that grew in the country. Apart from the Western styles of wardrobes that emerged primarily in Europe, the Chippendale style developed in 1750 colonial America also made its mark in the industry. Chippendale furniture had four major styles: English with deep carving, Chinese stle with latticework and lacquer, Gothic with pointed arches and French rococo reminiscent of the Louis XV period.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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