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Vintage Luggage – Globetrotting with a Classic Appeal

Vintage baggage is back in vogue and they not only help you to express your style in a subtle way but also it is easy to locate your suitcases in the luggage carousel. Vintage style cases also acts as a symbol of luxury and class even among other contemporary collections.


Vintage Luggage - Some Popular Models to Buy

A steamer trunk is a common vintage luggage, which looks like a vast, rugged trunk with a flat top. These are especially used for long sojourns. They are typically suited for carrying items in steam trains, boats, on those days. The flat top makes the case easy to handle and stacks the items one over the other. They can be purchased from vintage stores and can also be purchased new from specialty luggage suppliers. Vintage boom case, Louis Vuitton trunk, Goyard trunk is yet other popular models which is available in various models, sizes, and colors. Retro vintage suitcase, antique suitcases, faux leather baggage, decorative canvas model, wood and leather suitcases, blue vintage luggage, wooden handcrafted trunks are popular ones since many decades. 3D models are also available in the contemporary market. London vintage luggage, Spaulding Fiber Company, Tropez flea market, are some of the top dealers of vintage luggage.

Vintage Suitcase - A Discussion About the Trunks

Mostly all the vintage suitcase have either flat top or round top and are air tight and light in weight. Some suitcases are designed to open up like a personal, portable closet and fits easily in the bell hops, luggage racks, etc. Some suitcases also have specially designed legs to support them in standing. Leather suitcases from the golden era are particularly attractive and come in large trunk style. Saddle back leather company is a leading manufacturer of such suitcases. These suitcases invoke the romantic nostalgia, steeped deep in bygone ages when people used these suitcases as a symbol of pride and honor. Nested Vintage suitcase is a practical idea to store many number of suitcases in your homes.

Vintage Backpack - Fusion of Design and Functionality

In order to keep you organized and sorted during travel, vintage backpack is an ideal choice for you. These back packs have multi-utility pockets, along with internal zip locks for storing money and other expensive items. The rear zip pocket can accommodate other pertinent elements. These backpacks are designed in such a way that you can keep a large number of things together all in one bag. They are also available in clear and elegant colors, and functional designs that simplify your trip to a great extent. Most of them are available in canvas with sequined details and hand crafted designs, especially designed for girls and boys. Leather backpack is another option and comes in trendy designs and sophisticated looks. Vintage Dana design is another popular option, which is of immense help in mountaineering.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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