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Wall Hanging Ideas – For a Unique Makeover at Homes

A well decorated wall creates a lovely atmosphere and a pleasant feeling to the guests. Walls can be decorated in a number of ways either by using wall hangings on the walls, or using creative painting methods etc. Usually, the wall hangings reveal some historical event or special moments.


Wall Hanging Ideas - Excellent Decorative Tips

Wall hangings play a prominent role in decorating the house or office air. There are a vast number of wall hanging ideas that essentially captivates the attention of the on looker. In fact, wall hangings signals ones likes and dislikes in a pictorial way. Choose to display free pictures in the centre of the room. Three wall hangings can also be hanged on the same wall which is also highly impressive. However, the positioning is essential, where the large one is hanged first followed by the medium sized one and then the small one. Hanging hand crafted piece is also another fascinating way to draw attention. Many people hang religious pictures or family portraits, especially in the bed rooms. While decorating the kid’s room, care has to be taken to hang pictures of their likes and interests. Party wall hanging ideas should be in accordance with the occasion.

Fabric Wall Hanging - Diverse Design Selection

Fabric wall hanging designs vary from person to person and the age group of individuals. Fabric designs for nursery is remarkably easy which includes basic knick knacks etc, while for adults it involves a lot of art and craft work. Some of the common wall hanging ideas can be painting animal designs or their parts like claws, hooves, nails, tusk etc, on the fabrics, which is especially suited for boy’s room. Floral designs can be tried on fabrics for decorating a girl’s room. Floral painting is done by applique technique. Cartoon characters can also be an ideal choice for the kid’s room. You can also combine traditional craft work with contemporary painting techniques on fabric, to create a rare design which can be displayed in the drawing room. Embedded mirror work, embroidery work ribbons, metal pieces can also be utilized for fabric wall hanging.

Quilt Wall Hanging - Do it Yourself

Quilts can be a superb choice for house decorations, and the best part is that you can make them easily at home without spending much from your pocket. Traditional pieced quilt blocks and machine applique are some of the typical homemade quilt wall hanging. In order to make a quilt block wall hanging, select block combinations and then add triangles to the sides of the block to get the centre of the wall hanging square and then you can also add borders. Machine applique wall hanging should be started with a readymade design in hand. It is essential to choose fabric for each element of your design. Cut the fabrics according to design with the help of a fusible backing. Start the work by laying everything out on one large fabric piece as a base, and then add background to the elements. When all the pictures are fused together, stitch it using a satin stitch or hidden stitches. Finally, make a frame to the picture using a single fabric or pieced border.

Written by Simon Harris

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