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Wall Mounted Shelves – Space Saving Storage Areas

Wall shelves, today, are more sophisticated and varied than during the medieval times. Nowadays, shelves are not just functional but multi-purpose and decorative as well. These come in various styles, finishes and materials like glass and metal. They are also good DIY projects for those fond of making home furnishings.


Wall Mounted Shelves - Getting Most Out of Spaces

It is important to use all horizontal spaces, especially, in small areas. But, there are instances that even floor areas aren’t enough. As a result, utilizing vertical spaces is being considered to maximize functionality and ensure efficiency. There is a wide range of materials available for wall mounted shelves. Wood shelves are ideal for both the traditional and contemporary as they may opt for additional trimming around the edges or as simple floating shelves. These may be painted, laminated or finished in many other ways. Glass shelves are more suitable for bathroom use as these may be exposed to moisture and easy to maintain. Modern homes also use glass shelving as they give off a sleek, contemporary feel. Glass shelves may be back-coated, mirrorized, tinted, stenciled and frosted. For garage and closet areas, metal wall mounted shelves may be ideal as these are able to carry heavier objects and are usually complemented with adjustable steel brackets. 

Wall Mount Rack - To Maximize Areas

Like shelves, wall mount racks need not only be functional but decorative as well. There are many ways to mount wall racks, the most common would be using brackets or angular bars. Another hanging option would be incorporating adjustable bracket system. This is more expensive but offers more flexibility and storage. There are also several concealed type of hooks and brackets to choose from. They range from stainless to chrome-plated finish. Multi-purpose wall racks are available in home depots or may be good DIY projects. Some wall mount rack is incorporated with coat hooks, others with key pegs or sliding wire baskets.

Wall Mounted Storage - For Top Efficiency

For storage of heavier and bigger objects such as leather-bound books, kitchen wares and groceries, installing wall mounted storage is suitable. These storages can carry more weight but, at the same time, can be designed aesthetically as well. If you’re considering this for a DIY project, it is handy to know first the purpose of the wall storage, its location and style. This will help determine the budget of the materials needed and items to be purchased. Even with enough floor space, it is still good to install a wall mounted storage as it lessens floor traffic and enhances neatness.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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