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Web Designing Jobs – Creative Designing of Websites

Web designers may be involved in pre- or post-production, advertising, research, and media management of websites. Specializations in this field include static web design, dynamic website design and flash website design.


Web Designing Jobs - Types and Description

A web content worker may focus on content creation, approval, editing or management. Content editing posts are not as in demand as other types of content workers because clients often prefer to review the content themselves. Graphic design is currently one of the most popular web designing jobs. Graphic designers’ responsibilities cover video and sound clips in addition to photographs used in the site’s layout. But before they can do their job, they have to look to the system architect to get an idea of the structure of the web project. The prototype developer, meanwhile, tests the site before it is completed. This is one of the two web designing jobs that concentrate on evaluating the quality of the site, the other job being the system tester.

Web Designer Salary - Range

Web designers’ wages depend on their level of education, experience, knowledge in software and technology, and the size of the company that employs them. The average web designer salary is somewhere along $50,000 a year. Self-employed web designers make the least money out of this profession, while government web designers in the United States are usually paid the highest salary. Data from the year 2009 showed that web designers who are self-employed earn $31,477 annually, while those in private firms make an average of $43,264 a year. A web designer salary can reach $85,000 to $100,000 a year for senior posts, or those who have gained twenty years or more of experience in the industry.

Web Designer Job Description - Skills

Professionals involved in web design should be proficient in online style sheet languages such as hypertext markup language, cascading style sheets. An imperative part of the web designer job description is knowledge and expertise in creating JavaScript and Ajax websites. Web designers should also know how to maintain databases such as MySQL, a management system that allows for simultaneous user accessibility to databases. The Adobe Flash animation and video tools are utilized in almost every website, and therefore should be learned by every web designer. Aside from these technical functions, web design professionals should know how to manage the project as well as the web server when it is finally up and running.

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    Now a days webdesigning jobs are increasing more because of the online marketing,seo etc.

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