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William Wallace Biography – The 13th Century Guardian of Scotland

The life of William Wallace is filled with rich and heroic accounts of the oppressive life in Scotland which triggered the hero’s determination to stop at nothing and fight for independence.

William Wallace BiographyPHOTO BY KUNST FüR ALLE

William Wallace Biography - Story of Honor and Glory

The story of one of Scotland’s greatest hero, William Wallace biography is packed with brilliant military encounters moved by his strong passion for national independence. Born in 1272 as the son of a minor Scottish lord, the educated charismatic leader is also known for his rebellious streak. The William Wallace biography, chronicles his astounding leadership from the time he was named outlaw in 1292 for killing an Englishman and how he drove the English from Scotland in 1297. After invading northern England he was elected Guardian of Scotland and continued his battle against the English. He was captured and executed in 1305.

William Wallace Quotes - Timeless Words of Wisdom

The heroic impact of great leader lies in the hearts of every Scot through the famous William Wallace Quotes. The memorable lines are still very much alive to this day because of its strong motivational spirit. The driving passion of the William Wallace Quotes easily awakens the hero in every heart. His most famous battle quote is the meaningful “Every man dies. Not every man really lives." The victory of Scotland will forever be etched in hearts of his countrymen, thanks to the permanent impact of the line "I'm William Wallace, and the rest of you will be spared. Go back to England and tell them Scotland is free".

William Wallace Braveheart - the Fight Lives on

The biography written by James A. Mackay focuses on William Wallace's life and struggles. The book is highly recommended to those who were mesmerized by the epic movie which was directed and starred by Mel Gibson. While the film was a larger than life portrayal of the tragic hero in complete Hollywood splendor, the book is packed by extensive research and historical data which paints a perfect picture of the passionate warrior. The story of William Wallace Braveheart easily ignites interest in the wars of independence that made a mark in Scottish history. The book even includes characters that were not given so much emphasis in the movie. A truly engaging read.

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